QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 2

Principal’s Introduction We are delighted to share with you some of our ground-breaking initiatives and our student and graduate success stories. Since its inception, QMU has addressed the most pressing issues affecting society, and our pioneering initiative to deal with the culture of teenage drinking reflects that commitment. QMU’s AlcoLOLs project, led by dialogue experts, is showing that peer to peer dialogue can have a significant positive influence on how teenagers respond to alcohol related pressures. The work of our experts is having such a powerful positive impact on Edinburgh secondary school pupils that we believe the AlcoLOLs project now has the potential to be rolled out to schools across Scotland. Ultimately, it could help tackle Scotland’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol thereby improving the future lives of many people in our communities. You can read more about the AlcoLOLs on page 12 and 13. QMU aims to be a university of ideas and influence. Many of the QMU events which have been held over the last few months have shared research that will influence and inform policy and decision making. For example, our Institute for Global Health and Development recently held a briefing session for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament which shared academic research on the resettlement of refugees. The information is helping MSPs, council and housing officials, and voluntary sector organisations formulate an appropriate response to receiving Syrian refugees in Scotland. Page 18 and 19 shares more information on this briefing event. You can also find out how Sarah Ssali, a graduate of the Institute of Global Health and Development, is using the skills she learned at QMU to influence teaching and international health projects in Africa (page 20 and 21). We always enjoy hearing about the influence our graduates are having in their specialist fields. This issue shares an interview with graduate Samantha Hamilton, Brand Manager of Dakota Hotels. Since graduating, Samantha has built an impressive career and has continued her relationship with QMU by establishing scholarships and awards through Dakota Hotels for current hospitality and tourism students (page 24). Please do continue to stay connected with the University. For example, you might be able to fund a student scholarship and award, or maybe you could become one of our student mentors. Other options include offering an internship, supporting our research, donating to the Student Development Fund, remembering us in your will or simply sharing your news via our alumni team. We look forward to hearing from you. Professor Petra Wend, PhD, FRSA, FRSE Principal and Vice-Chancellor Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 2 QMYOU / Principal’s Introduction First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets the Principal and health professionals during a visit to QMU