QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 17

Despite being full of fun, Bawsoot Theatre company is extremely serious about running its new theatre production company. The fresh-faced young team of local artists, founded by Laila Noble, Laura Caldwell, Emilie Robson and Jack Gemmell, produce small scale touring work which is ideally suited for remote communities and arts festivals. Laila Noble from Bawsoot, explained: “We needed to be different. We are passionate about creating innovative intriguing theatre which will encourage new audiences to enjoy drama. We are also keen to offer opportunities for other emerging practitioners to collaborate.” Bawsoot made its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 with their dark comedy ‘Swiss Cheese’. The production sold out. Their recent original work ‘The Raven’ received a five star rating from All Edinburgh Theatre. Kim Gilchrist, Head of QMU’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Unit, said: We are committed to growing a more entrepreneurial campus environment which supports the development of new ideas and creativity, and helps to makes business start-up a viable career option for our students. At QMU, we not only teach entrepreneurship across the campus but are creating an environment in which students are inspired and empowered to develop enterprising capabilities, skills and know-how. “The BIZ business model is helping to break the mould. It is allowing a new type of entrepreneur to emerge, and one which, without this kind of support, may not have initially survived during the early years of business development. For example, Caught Red Handed is a theatre company which explores new avenues for political discussion in Scotland. The founding members, Susan Aitken and Tom Chalmers, are committed to creating accessible and engaging pieces of contemporary theatre for the Scottish stage.” Kim concluded: “The BIZ initiative is refreshing, but it’s also important. By providing the capacity for new talent and businesses to flourish, we help to create healthy new opportunities for graduate employability which can enrich our communities and bolster our economy.” ❒ QMYOU / Business Innovation Zone 19