QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 14

Alice McKinney and Emma Foster Student film helps prepare children for hospital T WO FILM STUDENTS have used their creative talents to help parents prepare their children for a visit to hospital. Alice McKinney and Emma Foster, third year media students, volunteered to create a specialist film for an Edinburgh based charity. The voluntary sector organisation ‘What? Why? Children in Hospital’ helps parents and carers prepare their children by reducing the anxiety associated with hospital visits. The charity makes video clips suitable for children and parents so they know what to expect when they go into hospital and answers some questions starting with ‘what’ and ‘why’ about procedures and treatments. Dr Marit Boot,from the What? Why? Children in Hospital charity, explained: “A hospital visit can be a very scary time for children, as well as their parents. The need for specific procedures can be difficult for parents to explain, for example most children may not understand why they need a blood test or what happens [H]Y[\[[THXX[KH[YXZH]X\Y\܈[Z[Y\[\[]\[[][[\\]HX]Hٙ\B[X\و\Y[[[ܛX]]HܝY[\X[\[\\BZ\[[܈][\][YYX[Y\\˸'BH۝[YY8'Hۙ]]SUx&\™[HY[ٝ[ܚYۈ^\[ڙX[HY^H[\BZ\[[\\\[][[›\[H8&H\\H^H[܂][&B'H][YH[]\]x&\[BܙY[[]Y[\8&\[Z\KX\Y[[\\]H[BوܚXYHSUH[H[YYXBMSVSH ܙX]]]H [\BY[ˈH\XYH[]\]B[\H[YY[[XH[[[XHYܙYY[Y\Z\[YHš[\ܙX]HH][K[KY\YX\[XHX[^KZY8'H\HX[HX\Y][Y H\HۛH[[B\]KHڙX[Y\Z[^\Y[HوX[[][]]HX˜[ܚ[]HY[ ][[Y\Z[ۈ\^\[ܝ[و[\˸'BHY[]H[XYB\X\YZ\ۈY[X[ۂ\[H8&ۛX[X[ۜ&K\YZ\[[Y\Y^\\H]B[Z[[Y][܈HڙX [وH[Z[\ۙHۈ][ۈ]B]\X[][܈[[[[XH\YY KZY8'B\X[\H[YYYY][[[\X[]\[[[[X[\HXX[\[[[X\H]H\[X[[ܛX][ۈ][][X[H[[Z[Y\[Y[Z[\][^\Y[\˸'BܘZ[H\[KX\\[[H]]YY[X\\][]\]KZY8'B]HY[\ܝHB\]HX]HY[&HܚˈB\H^[Y[HX\Y]H^H[XB[[[XHۙXY[\[\Y]\ڙX8$[\X[œ[[H]\[[[[\]B\\[]]\ˈH\\HۛH[XۙYX\[^HܚYۈBڙX[H]X[]H[۝[قZ\[H\\H[\\]KH\H\H][HH[XXH\\HH\]K'BX\]ZY8']\HX\\Bܚ[][[XH[[XH[H\Bܘ]Y[]SUH\ܝY\ڙXH[[H\[X[Y[X[ۂ\]Z\Y[X\\HܙX]HH[K&H\\H^H[܈][&B[H[^[Y[H\Y[[[[œ\[[][X]H]Z\[[YܙH][\]˸'H8dHY[\]Z[XH]ۂH\]HX]N˝]X[[[B][ ܙ˝Z