QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 10

Business expert creates food map of East Lothian B USINESS AND CONSUMER expertise from QMU has been used to develop an interactive map of East Lothian’s food and drink businesses. The new map will highlight the wide range of food producers, growers, retailers and social enterprises that operate throughout the county. Mike Pretious, from QMU’s Division of Business, Enterprise and Management, has a keen interest in social enterprises and food businesses. As Chair of Social Enterprise East Lothian he is also involved in an offshoot group ‘Food of East Lothian’, which is striving to create a sustainable environment which supports the development of a strong food business culture within the county. With funding from NHS Lothian and East Lothian Council, Mike, together with a QMU graduate, has carried out a mapping exercise of all the enterprises across East Lothian with an association with food. He explained: “We really wanted to understand the breadth and depth of the range of food organisations within the area, and to create awareness of the different geographical zones of food across farming/growers, fish merchants, seed merchants, small trade production, large scale enterprise, social enterprises, family business, farmers’ markets and retail.” Mike contracted Alison Stone, a recent graduate from QMU’s MSc Gastronomy course, to help with the creation of the map. Alison’s newly launched business ‘3 Minutes to Midnight’ focuses on the area of sustainability within the food industry. She now operates full-time from QMU’s Business Innovation Zone, the university base which supports the development of new graduate start-ups. Alison explained: “This was a fantastic project to be involved in, both personally and professionally, and presented several research opportunities and challenges. The first was to identify a technology platform which could deliver the mapping functionality, without blowing the budget. The second challenge was to locate all the food and beverage outlets for inclusion within the map. [[]Z[و[Y\X[[Z\\\X\H HZ[Y[YHH[ܙH[][]B\YڙXX\ܛ[[Y\[Y[[\X[X[[\\\ݙYH[ܙBYX[ H[[YXHوHY][Y[[X\[H]H[\[[][HYX[[ٝ[^K]^\˜[\[[HHY\[\[\Xܜ˸'BZZHۙ\YY8'HX\[^\\HݚY\HYBX\H\H^H[\Y]Hو\[\\][B\XKHH\X\]H[HܙX][ۈوHY[ۘ[XX[ZY۝X]Y[Y\[\Y\˜[[\YH^Z[[[[]Y[\[\\˸'BZZHZY8'HY[HX\[HH\Y[\\B܈\[\\HXۛZX][Y[[]][B[[[X[[]][\[HX\]\K][H\Y[[\[\\[\[\[\ܙX][ۛX[ۜ]Y[H[\B[HX[\XKX[[[X][H۝X]HBXۛZXX[وX\X['BZZHۘYY8'\ڙX\[]X]YHوX\X[[H]H[X][\[^][[\\][Hۙ[\HXܛH[H8$HX\\\H\ 'H8d[\ۈۙx&\\[\ Z[]\ZYY XX[\\[B [[\\HX܈[ٙ\ۜ[[H\X\˜\\Y[[Y[YZ[YX\\[[\ܝ[Z\\[x&\˜\[[Z]Y[\Z[XH][Y[XX\˂LSVSH \Z[XH\[\۝X[\ۈ ̍ N[\ې Z[]\ZYY ˝ZˌZ[]\ZYY ˝Z