QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 8

QM150 Strategy – a university of ideas and influence I N THE YEAR 2025, QMU will on how to use this intellectual capital in celebrate its 150th anniversary, a practical ways. The approach prepares significant milestone in the history QMU’s students to make a real difference of this institution which grew from in the world, and ensures that its research humble beginnings. This year, this enhances quality of life now and in the institution launched its new QM150 future. strategy which sets out the ambitions Professor Petra Wend, QMU’s Principal, for the University for the period said: “We already do great things and between now and 2025. through the QM150 strategy, we will do In 1875, when the institution that is now even more, be even better. For example, our QMU was founded, staff went out with research in speech is world renowned and mobile gas and paraffin cooking equipment we will continue to build on this excellent to give public lectures and demonstrations work to ensure it benefits even more people. all over Britain. This effort aimed to address Similarly, our work in international health