QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 6

Dementia campaigner and children’s charity founder receive honorary degrees G RADUATION IS A wonderful spectacle and provides an incredible platform for us all to celebrate the success of our graduating students. Aside from the achievements of our 850 students, the 2015 graduation was particularly memorable for several reasons. We had two inspirational honorary graduates - leading dementia campaigner Henry Simmons, and the founder of an art therapy charity for children with chronic illness, Laura Young. However, one person, who has for many years added to the excitement of graduation, is our chancellor Sir Tom Farmer. The much loved Scottish entrepreneur and founder of Kwik Fit was inaugurated as the founding Chancellor of Queen Margaret University when the institution was granted full university title in 2007. Over the years, Sir Tom’s rousing speeches and deep-felt commitment to QMU’s work has brought the University to the attention of the business community, philanthropists and sporting heroes both in Scotland and overseas. However, it has been his ability to connect with an audience, particularly his entertaining and passionate speeches at the University’s graduation ceremonies, which earned him a place in the hearts of staff, students and graduates. After eight years serving as University Chancellor, Sir Tom is stepping down from his position. The July 2015 ceremony was the last graduation he will attend in his role as Chancellor. His presence, energy and humour at future graduations will be missed by everyone who knows him. ❒ The 2015 Honorary Graduates H L-R Laura Young, Sir Tom Farmer and Henry Simmons and altering the way we think about people with dementia. This approach has received much international recognition placing Scotland at the forefront of dementia practice. As a leading light in the field of dementia, he was presented with the Degree of Doctor of the University, Honoris Causa. With a flagship in health and rehabilitation, QMU was delighted to recognise his tireless work in campaigning for the rights of people with dementia and their families and in establishing a community-based and person centred approach to dementia. V&ƖW"F2V"ǦVW"66FBBR6vVB7G&FVv0'FW'6VBB&frG2VF6&R7GVFVG>( VFW'7FFrbFVVFV7W&rFW&R&RVffV7FfR0&fW762vVFWfRFFRv&f&6RT%424TbUT5UDdRbǦVW V'v&VB66VǒvFFR66GF6vfW&VBFP66FB7FFVVFv2v&FVB&'F7F&FR&V6vFb2v&&frFWfVVBbFRFFVVF7G&FVw6f6rFPFRƗfW2bVRƗfrvFFVVFV'2&VVFWWGf'7B֖7FW"BFRFR67GW&vVFRffVBFWfVrFVv62G&6f&֖rƗfW2v&Bf'7B6֗FVBBwV&FVRFBWfW'W'6vF`ՔRw&GVF