QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 32

University student creates new altar cloth for St Margaret’s Chapel things you might not know about QMU • is above the sector average for its employment rate 94.4% of QMU graduates find work or go into employment within six months of graduation. • runs a Student Mentoring Scheme. Find out how you could help a student develop their knowledge and shape their future career at http://www.qmu. ac.uk/mentoring/ • has an aerial film of the campus produced by QMU’s Kinetic Film Project. View the film at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyR9c3BsbG4 • offers a wide range of attractive rooms and meeting spaces which are prefect for workshops, seminars, business meetings, social gatherings and conferences. E: events@qmu.ac.uk • h as conducted some fascinating research into the changing Scottish accent. Find out more about our world renowned speech research on our website. • runs a sports facility with an excellent gym, games hall and astro turf pitch. www.qmu.ac.uk/sports • carries out research into and education on osteoporosis. • has a strategic partnership with Alzheimer Scotland Action of Dementia aimed at improving healthcare students’ understanding of dementia. • offers an attractive lunch service. Pop in for morning coffee and a scone or lunch, or use our shop to pick up newspapers and other essentials. • has a new film ‘Step into QMU’ for potential students who want to know more about student life at QMU. View it at: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=yyR9c3BsbG4 ❒ Agata and Mike set up Raw Film Agata and Michael started Raw Film Productions together immediately after graduating from QMU in 2011 with degrees in Film and Media. Connections made through the University helped them get their first commissions. Since then they have been producing modern, high quality short films and adverts for clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Their client list has grown DATES for your diary 32 QMYOU / Graduate News <<  A graduate of the Costume Design and Construction degree created a stunning new altar frontal for the tiny ancient chapel located in Edinburgh Castle. Lucy Deady designed and created the new altar frontal to interchange with the original one that had been damaged by mice. The 24 year old graduate was commissioned to develop a fitting design and construct a new altar frontal by St Margaret’s Chapel Guild, the organisation which cares for the 12th century chapel. The beautiful new altar frontal is now a key feature in St Margaret Chapel which is known to be the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. The Guild has been associated with QMU for several years due to its association with St Margaret. Knowing its specialism in costume design, the Guild was keen to offer the work to a student at QMU who could draw on their creative sewing skills to design and construct the frontal. It was decided tha Ё1Ս䰁)ͭɅՅєѡE5T͔ݽձ)ѡɽɥєͽѼٕѡ)͕܁ѡѠ$)1Սͅ胊q$ݽɭٕ䁍͕ݥѠ)́ѡեѼɔѡЁ$չѽѡ)́ɕѕѡ́ݥѡѡ܁ͥѡ)хȁɽхt)QͥՑ́مɥ́́ݡɕ)ѡ̸QЁͥ́ѡЁѡ)ݡEՕ5ɝɕЁɽ٥Ѽȁͅͅ)ȁɥ́ݡݕɔɅٕѼMЁɕ́ɽ)MѠEՕ͙丁Q5ɝɕЁ́ɽ)䁱ݕȁ5ɝՕɥєͼѡЁݕ)́ͼɕɕ͕ѕQե݅ѕѼՑ) ѥѕɸɽ̃Lѡ͔ѼMѱ)ѡ Qٕ̰݅ݡɔѡ)ͥɔͼ͕́ɥȁѡѠɔ)ɕɕ͕хѥٔ5ɝɕӊéɹ䁙ɽȁɥ)!չѼMѱ)1Ս䁍Ց胊q$ٔͥȁ)ɽ䁅$ѡ՝Ёѡ́ɽЁɕ)ݽəհչѼٕɸͥ)ɕЁѼѡɕЁѠЁͼݥѠ)ѡѽɥ%Ё́ɽ)Ёݡ$ɕɽՐݡ$)ٔɕ䁕啐ݽɭt)Q܁хȁɽх݅́չٕЁɕ䁥)MЁ5ɝɕЁ ɝ ѱ)չvH)ѡɽ՝ɕɅ́ݽɐѠ)́Ց9!LЁ1ѡ) չMA5х]ɔ) ͥ䁽ѡ̸Q)ٔͼѡչѼ)ݽɬѕɹѥݥѠݼѡ)ɝЁɽ́ݥѠѡH)ݡͥѡѼ)͔Ց䁅Ё͔) ѡ5́ɥ)ݡ͕ЁѡѼ͕ɥ́)́5ݤѼɅ͔ )ȁ́ݽɬvH)ٕUɝɅՅє=)]ɐ=ѽȀ)QŅL)]ɔE5T)eԁЁф5é)ɽ́ЁܹɅݙɽՍѥ̹)ٕAѝɅՅє=ٕ)]Ѡ9ٕȀ)QԸLܸ)]ɔE5T) ȁٕ́́́Ё͕ѥЁԁɔ٥͕Ѽ)ɕѕȁЁܹŵԹլ͔Ѽѡѥѡٕи