QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 31

Where are you now? Paul sets up podiatry clinic at Neal's Yard Remedies P Q.M.U.G.A. CONTACTS Bookings for Madras Lodge Anne Yokes T: 07817 328035 E: book@qmuga.ork.uk Social Secretary Dorothy Finlayson 4 Brunstane Road North Edinburgh EH15 2DT E: alan.finlayson@virgin.net Membership Secretary Sylvia Northcott 22 Waulkmill Drive, Penicuik Midlothian, EH26 8LA T: 01968-674161 E: sylvia@thenorthcotts.net Treasurer Anne Scagell 11 Titanian Pavillion Gardens Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 2UJ T: 01259-214688 E: annescagell@virgin.net Committee and General Communication Maureen Paterson 5/2 Fettes Court, Craigleith Road Edinburgh, EH4 2DL T: 0131 332 0097 E: maureenlpaterson@gmail.com Madras Lodge Your special retreat in Gullane In need of a relaxing break? Thanks to a bequest from graduate Miss Mary Cunningham White, QMU Graduates’ Association members can enjoy a lovely break at Madras Lodge in the beautiful coastal village of Gullane, East Lothian. Relax, enjoy the peace, and the stunning beach walks nearby. Modest rates available: Loft (sleeps 4) from £105 for 2 nights. Special 3 night autumn deal from September: Loft: £110. House (sleeps 5) from £135. To b o o k , a n d f o r m o r e information, contact: Anne Vokes E: mlbook@qmuga.org.uk aul Sharples graduated with a BSc (Hons) Podiatry (first class) this summer and even before graduation, had set up his own business with home visits and clinics running from Neal’s Yard Remedies and Renaissance, Cairneyhill in Edinburgh. During his degree, Paul visited many different NHS clinics and private practices, as well as securing a visit to Singapore general hospital where he gained an insight into how podiatry is developing in another country. Paul has been able to adapt new skills from this valuable experience which have helped him excel in patient care and treatment plans. Prior to studying podiatry, Paul worked as a sports and remedial massage therapist in Australia, where he treated everyone from older adults and athletes, to people with chronic injuries. It was during this training and experience that he found his true passion for podiatry. During each appointment Paul will provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems affecting the feet, ankle and l vW"Vw22FG&7B27V6Ɨ7B62f7W2FVFpfV7F2VG2FVfV7G2BW&W2bFRfB@vW"Vr2vV2G&VFrfBB6FF0&VFVBFFW""VFF6&FW'27V62F&WFW2Vv6&fFR&WfVFFfR6&RBGf6Rখ&fr&ƗGFWVFV6RBFRVƗGbƖfPf"V6b2FVG2g&FW6R76W76VG2P6&W67&&Rf&WGbvfbFR6VbrfB'F6W06W2खFRV"VBVvVFW'FRgW'FW"G&pFRW6RbR&Ɨ6FFV6VW2FRf@BRv66VB&R'F7V&ǒVgVFVP7VffW&rg&'F&F2R6W2FVFW'FP6W'6W27WV7GW&R6W"G&VFVG2f"6&&VfBG'VVFƖrf"fW''V6G&VFVG2शVWWFFFRvFV( 2'W6W72Cf6V&6V6'W7FG') fVFW `ffW&ǐ2BG&v>( FVgFW"7GVGr'W6W72vVV@BR'( &&RVgBVfW'6G#F6WBW2v'W6W72खFR7BfW"V'2R2W7F&Ɨ6V@6WfW&vV'6FW2vB"ffW"( G&v>( FV( B6VV2fBBG&氦'W6W72WB6vf6FǒFRfVFW"bvW&WBfBB&VW F7G&'WF"ffW&ǒ7F'FVBW&Frg&Ц2w&FFW.( 2VF'W&vv&vRVwW7@#"FR62Gv6V'2( 2vW&W@fBB666V"BFRFW"7&g@&VW"&&F6VB7W7FW'26&F6&GV7G2g&w&VB&VW"BfB&GV6W'0g&fW"FRT66W2fP7&V6VB6vf6FǒfW"FR7BfWrV'0B'2rrFWBg&0"7V&RfVWBbv&VW6R76R@6VFW&֖VF'2v&VB&BFFWfVBw&p2'W6W76W2B2FV2w&vF7FfbvFVvRVG&W&VWW&f"P2WfW"RF֗70'GVGB&V6VBV&6PG&v>( FV'&V6VfVB7W'&6P"ffW"g&VǒVBw&VVBখfW7FVBFVvFWFW"W2BW'0ƖWvWfW"rBFRfR&@RFW"FV6ƖVBFV"f6ffW"BFP6&V2VFW"2&G6G&FRF&Vf&RFRf֖rb( G&v>( FV( ffW&ǒW6VVFVBG2 *3bgVFpF&vWBvV2FVW72F#BW'2rBFRf7FW7BWfW"WVG7&vFgVFV@&V7BFRTBFBFR'22f"FVWf66W&626W'B7v2vFBGfW'F6VVG0F&Vvf6V&BvvRFR0FFV&R"WfVG&V&RffW&Ǟ( 27W'&V@7W7FW"&6Rv62&VGWFV@&Fǒ66RR7F'FVBFR'W6W72F&VPV'2vV6FffW&ǒ7V'67&&W'2&V6VfR6VV7FbVvB&VW'26W&6VBg&7&70T֖7&'&WvW&W2FR6( 0ffW"&W26F&vRbVvBF 'F6fB&GV7G2FR'W6W720&VGvVW&FVB&WB *36W2B06W'6RFBGW&fW"b *3F2V"vF&VF7FVB&6RF *3V#b'2FWBFWW&R&Vf&PWfVGVG&FR6RbffW&ǒv6PW2F6WFRvFFRWBF&VRV'2) ՔRvW&PvW&R&P&RPRss3