QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 29

Susie supports Trees of Life S USIE GALE WAS keen to create a lasting memorial of her time at QMU. After a family breakup she and her daughters moved from the Highlands to Musselburgh so Susie could retrain as a podiatrist. Susie said: “I marked my graduation by having a tree planted in the campus grounds. Firstly, I wanted my girls to know we had left something behind to say ‘We were here’. Secondly, I’m keen to encourage other people like myself, to realise they can change direction and begin again in a new career.” Orkney ice cream director reconnects with his alma mater D URING A REUNION visit to the Orkney Islands Professor Joe Goldblatt , QMU’s international events guru and development officer, was delighted to make the acquaintance of Graham Bichan. To the Professor’s delight, Graham not only turned out to be a graduate of Applied Food Science and Marketing in 2000, but also holds a senior position within the Orkney Ice Cream company which his family own. Graham is Production Director at the Orkney Creamery, which is the family business that produces the renowned Orkney ice cream and the main producer of milk on the islands. Run by the Bichan family from its farm near Kirkwall, the Orkney Creamery has evolved over the past 60 years to become one of the most innovative and respected businesses in the Scottish dairy sector. The firm first created its ice cream in 1995, as growing consumer demand for low fat milk created a surplus of cream at its dairy. The high quality luxury ice cream produced has gone on to become one of the most popular brands in Scotland and has won a string of awards including ‘Best Artisan Ice Cream in the UK’. Professor Goldblatt couldn’t believe his luck. As he says himself, being an American, ice cream is one of his all-time favourite treats. Passionate about Scotland and in the middle of a love affair with the Orkney Islands, he was quick to strike up a relationship with Graham’s company. With little persuasion necessary, Graham kindly agreed to supply Orkney ice cream for some of QMU major invents including the up and coming undergraduate open day on Saturday 4th October and the Freshers’ Fair. So, our new students and visitors to open day will be able to indulge themselves in Orkney’s luscious ice cream and sample a number of exciting flavours. Professor Joe Goldblatt said: “It is my privilege to meet QMU graduates and to see how their careers have progressed since studying at QMU. Since graduating, Graham has assisted his family business in diversifying and helping it grow to become a significant player in the artisan dairy food market. With our history in food and nutrition, and our current commercial research interests in food and drink, we are delighted to reconnect with Graham and collaborate with his company on future projects.” If you remember Graham from your students days at QMU and wish to reconnect or you want to know more about the Orkney Creamery and its ice cream, contact: E: info@orkneyicecream. com or visit: www.orkneyfoodanddrink. com/orkney-creamery ❒ If you’d like to celebrate your time at QMU or honour someone close to you, please consider sponsoring a tree as part of QMU’s Trees of Life fund. www.qmu.ac.uk/treeoflife ❒ Orkney Reunion in April T HIRTEEN QMU ALUMNI, who are residents of Orkney, gathered at the St Magnus Centre (next to St Magnus Cathedral) for a reception hosted by Professor Joe Goldblatt, Development Officer at QMU. The alumni ranged from a graduate of Atholl Crescent, whose mother preceded her at QMU, to a recent media studies graduate who left in 2009. The alumni group raised funds to sponsor a tree in QMU’s ‘Trees of Life’ project. The Orcadian alumni sponsored Rowan tree will be the fiftieth tree in the grove at QMU and the first one sponsored by a regional alumni group. Professor Goldblatt said: "The gratitude for QMU and enthusiasm for our future plans demonstrated by many of our most northern alumni in Orkney was truly inspiring." The event was organised by QMU alums Alison Campbell and Caroline Robertson. One alum, Graham Bichan, whose family owns Orkney Ice Cream company, stated that he had too many positive memories of QMU to name only one. According to QMU’s records we have about 70 graduates from Orkney. If you’re an Orcadian graduate and you haven’t been in touch with us for a while, please do reconnect with the University via our alumni team. We’d love to hear your news. E: alumni@qmu.ac.uk ❒ Graham Bichan Reunions: Call for Classmates Judy Moss is looking to contact graduates from Institutional Management 1965- 1968 to join the 50th anniversary reunion in late September 2015. In June, Susie’s Rowan tree was planted in the grounds of QMU, next to the pond. Marjorie Tait (nee Andrew) wishes to contact graduates of the Diploma of Life Sciences, Nursing who started at QMC in August 1975. Fiona Davies wishes to contact graduates of the Diploma in Home Economics, who started in 1965, to join the reunion in September 2015. Tina Chapman (nee MacFayden) wants to organise a 40th reunion. She is hoping to contact graduates of OTTC who started in Astley Ainslie Hospital and graduated in 1975 from QMC. Doreen Tait (nee Croal) is hoping to organise a reunion in September this year. She is trying to make contact with graduates of the Diploma in Home Economics, who graduated in 1978. QMYOU / Development News 29