QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 27

Has the Masters helped you get to where you are today? Absolutely! First of all, the work placement module was key to me getting my job with the RSNO. Whilst my placement was in a different department at the RSNO, I was able to become familiar with the organisation and its values, which helped during the interview stages. I also had an in-house referee! The style and thoroughness of the Masters course also appealed to my current employers - they liked the way the course trained me to think critically and question things, which they recognised as a quality I could bring to the job. For the RSNO, having someone with up-to-date teaching on current affairs in the sector was also attractive and the contacts that I had gained during the course could be potentially valuable to them. Tips for current QMU students? The QMU teaching staff are very experienced and are extremely knowledgeable about their sectors so make the most of them. Listen to the advice they give, ask for help if you need it and take opportunities to meet with your personal tutor. Some of the most valuable conversations I had were with my personal tutor, who helped me improve my CV and gave me advice on how to get a good work placement. But don't rely on the staff too much, be proactive, go to them with ideas and questions. The more effort you put in, the more you are likely to get out of the course. ❒ Donation helps Gastronomy students take part in international food festivals ALUMNA ELIZABETH SALVESEN from Edinburgh has made a donation to QMU which will enable students on the MSc Gastronomy course to attend one of the most significant food festivals in the world. The generous donation of £25,000 will support students to travel to, and take part in, Terra Madre/Salone del Gusto (TM/SdG) The five day event, held in Milan, is a biennial international gathering of producers, chefs, eaters, politicians, activists and anyone who cares about food and the land it comes from. Attracting over 250,000 people, the unique event is a celebration of the people, environment and culture that creates our food. In alternative years, the fund will enable student participation in ‘Cheese’, the world’s largest cheese festival, which is very similar in philosophy to Terra Madre/Salone del Gusto. An essential component of the MSc Gastronomy is engaging students in the field. These invaluable field trips expose our students to the realities of farming, factories, hospitality, community initiatives and much more. Within the course, no field trip is more profound and important than that of Terra Madre/Salone de Gusto. The £25,000 donation will develop ‘The Elizabeth Salvesen and QMU MSc Gastronomy Annual Field Trip’. The fund will run for a total of five years and the yearly donation of £5,000 will enable the QMU MSc Gastronomy team to build the annual field trip to Terra Madre or the Cheese festival into the course’s academic calendar. The funding will be used to cover all event admission, and significantly subsidise accommodation and flights, thereby making it affordable for students regardless of their financial means. Professor Alan Gilloran, Deputy Principal of QMU said: “We are passionate about helping students enhance their learning experience by travelling abroad and experiencing important conferences and cultural events. However, often students are unable to take part in international travel due to financial costs.” He continued: “The opportunity to take part in festivals such as Terra Madre provides an outstanding opportunity for our students to develop their understanding of international food cultures and political perspectives. These experiences have the ability, not only to enhance student learning, but to heavily influence career pathways for our students. The outcome of taking part in such events could indeed be life changing. Students will also be able to share the international knowledge they have gained on their retur F66FBvR&RWG&VVǒw&FVgVFVƗ&WF6fW6Vf"FR6FfR7BF@W"FFvfRW"7GVFVG2( ) vW&P&RRsՔPFWfVV@Ww0#