QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 26

Interview with Jennifer Orr Deputy Orchestra Manager at the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) J ENNIFER COMPLETED HER MA in Arts and Cultural Management at QMU in August 2014 and has been working full-time in her role as the Deputy Orchestra Manager at the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) since September 2013. Completing most of the course during the 2012/13 academic year, she then transferred to studying part-time alongside working for the RSNO to complete the final research module. The RSNO is a professional symphony orchestra and as one of Scotland's National Performing Companies, it has a responsibility to reach, engage and inspire people with classical music throughout Scotland. Jennifer is part of a small team at the RSNO whose main aim is to ensure the busy schedule of orchestra activities, such as rehearsals, concerts, tours, educational outreach programmes and recording sessions all run smoothly. This requires the thorough planning and executing of logistics to get the musicians, soloists, conductors and all the musical instruments and equipment to the right place at the right time. Jennifer's main responsibility, however, is to recruit and manage the freelance musicians that are required for each project. These musicians might provide cover for vacant positions in the orchestra or for people on leave. Sometimes musicians need to be recruited who play a specialist instrument or more musicians may be needed if a certain piece of music requires it. At times, there could be up to 30 freelance musicians required each week so this is often a complex process which combines a number of different aspects وX[Y[Y[ ܝ[][K\X\[Y[[HX[Y[Y[ [X[\\\X[Y[Y[ ڙXX[Y[Y[[[[X[X[Y[Y[\H[\و[Y\&\\H]SUK[[YYX][HYܙHYZ[]SUK[Y\ܚY[B[\[X܈]H][ۘ[]\][Hو[[Y^\Y[H[Y Y[\Y\\XH[][]K]\][[\ܘYX]HYܙYH[]\X\ܛX[H[Y\\šY[[[\[[H\ܛZ[\X܈[Y]\\YH[[XZH\[][ۈ]Y[؜XK]XYH[HHSUO’HYY[\Z[܈ܚ][H\X[Y[Y[X܈]Y]HX\\[؜\]Z\Y[][^\Y[Hوܚ[\XB[HX܋H\H]SUHٙ\YHܚX[Y[[[HX[YYHZ[[[XXH^\Y[Hܚ[܈[\ܙ[\][ۋHXX[[[Y[XXوH[[\\X[YYH\B\YۛY[\H\YۈX[ YK[ZH\][H[[\\وH؈[H\ˈ܈^[\K\][HX[[[\X][ۋ][]\HX\][[܈H]\][ [[[\[˜\[\XY\܈]YX[˂H\Hݙ\XH\Y]HوY\[X]]]\ž[HHܛY[X[ۈXX^H\XوX[Y[[\›ܙ[\][ۋ^HXZ[[\\\[H\X[]\X[\H[H^XH]\HوH\H[YYHZ[܈^H[]YX[\YۛY[\\XH[[Z[[H\X[\[[وB\[[\[X܋HY]H\HXY\[YHوHXX[œY][[][[[[^H\H[[X][H[Y[\[\\X\وH\[[\[X܈XYX[]H۝[وH\H\\[ [][[ܝ\[[ˈ\[H\B\H\[[XXH۝X]\X[Y[Y[X][ۙ\YBY\وH\H܈[YH[\Y\XZ\\[\B\ۘ[^\Y[H[ۛYH\YHSUHYSVSH ܘYX]H[\Y]