QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 24

Santander G Internship helps graduate land role with creative agency R A D U AT E S H A V E T O compete for the internship opportunities but those who are successful are presented with fantastic opportunities with a variety of interesting companies. The chance to earn £1,000 per month for three months is also very attractive and a great way to start working life. O n e re c e n t g r a d u a t e w h o h a s taken every opportunity to develop his employability skills is 22 year old Cody Edwards from Carlisle. Cody was mentored by a highly experienced PR professional as part of QMU’s Employer Mentoring Project. His mentor encouraged him to apply for a PR & Social Media position with the Santander Internship Programme. Cody took the advice and beat off stiff competition from fellow students to secure the sought-after internship with one of Edinburgh’s top creative agencies. New graduates are being offered incredible opportunities to kick start their careers through the help of the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme, which is run in collaboration with QMU. Having just graduated with a BA (Hons) Media Studies from QMU in July, Cody was able to start his media career almost immediately with Tanami, a video production, public relations and social media agency. B u i l d i n g o n h i s p re v i o u s w o r k experience with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the BBC, Cody hopes to widen his skills set by getting hands-on experience of managing public relations campaigns for ambitious start-up companies to global market leaders. Tanami’s clients include Magners, Peugeot, the Scottish Government and Chevrolet. Commenting on his new internship role, Cody said: “I’m really excited about joining one of Edinburgh’s top creative agencies so soon after graduating, and getting my career off the ground. “The continued advice and support I’ve received through QMU’s Employer Mentoring Scheme was extremely beneficial and gave me confidence when it was most needed in my final year of study. The experience encouraged me to explore new career options in public relations and led to some interesting creative opportunities with QMU’s Marketing and Communications Office. Donna Cochrane who works in QMU’s Development team has helped set up a wide variety of Santander internships for QMU students and graduates. She explained: “Internships are becoming increasingly important as employers are also looking for practical experience in addition to academic achievements. The Santander Universities SME Internship Programme is a great way to help equip students and graduates with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to help them build successful careers.” The internships are part-funded by Santander Universities which pro ٥+ İѽ݅ɑ́ѡЁѡѕɻe)ͅ)ѥՕ胊qQѕɹ́͡)مɥ䁽́ȁѠѡѕɹ)ѡM5́ݡѥєѡ)ɽɅ%Ёɽ٥́ȁՑ́)ɅՅѕ́ݥѠѡչѼ)ѡхЁɅѥɥ)مՅ䁥ͥа́ݕ́ѡ)Ѽեݽɬх)ȁѡȁɔɕ̸M5́ѡ)Mхȁչ՝ɕ݅ɑ)ѡ䁅ͼٔѡمх)ͥѥمѕхЁt)%ԁɔM5ѕɕѕ)ѥѥЁ啅ˊéɽɅ)хЁ ɅE5We)ٕЁ=鑍ɅŵԸ)լvH)́Ёѡ)5ѽɥM )ЁѡѼ)ɕє܁Ց)ɕեѵЁȁE5T)ݡͼхɕQ)́Ёչ)ѡE5Tݕͥє)ͽ)٥ݕ)輽ٹei()E5e=TQAݕȁ%ѕɹ͡