QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 22

Pioneering collaboration creates strong internship legacy A pioneering internship programme, which has helped improve the career prospects of students whilst making a significant contribution to the third sector, is recognised as one which will create a lasting legacy. T HOSE WHO HAVE been involved with the Third Sector Internships Scotland (TSIS) - a programme led by Queen Margaret University, the Open University in Scotland, and Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) – believe it has been a force for good in society. Based on a unique model involving students, universities and third sector organisations, TSIS can be used as a future template for best practice in relation to paid student internships. TSIS offered students across Scottish universities paid and supported internships within charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations. As well as enhancing the employability of participating students through applying their skills and building their confidence in the work place, the programme has had a positive impact on a range of third sector organisations. By bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives, interns were able to enhance and influence the work of organisations working in Scottish communities. The result was a win- win situation with students developing skills, experience and a sense of achievement, and third sector organisations harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of student involvement. “TSIS is unique”, said Fiona Boyle, Co- director of TSIS. “Internships have existed for some time, but this was the first time that there had been a programme offering paid internships XYX[H܈Y[]\[ܘYX]\ˈH\ۂ\]Y\[\Hܙ[\][ۜ[X[[\\\XYH]\[]HH[\[\\ܘ[[Y\[]][\[˜H][YH܈Y[]\X\Hܘ\H\X[[[Y]وHܘ[[YK'BY[[[\Y\[Y]Y[\]X[YX\\K]H[\XۂY[&HۛYK[][Y[ ۙY[H[]\H[\XX[]H\˜Y[[[YX\\XK[[HܚKX[HܘYX]Y]HH ۜH[[XH[\ܛX[BHSUK[\[[\\][X\ Hؘ[X\YX[[\\H\\]ܜX]]Y\œ[H\ۘ[X[][Y[ [\ۛY[[]\\[X[BY\[\ˈ[[HXYH\Y\قܝ[\[H\[\\XقHܙ[\][۸&\X]]Y\YY[]˜XY][Y[[H]]H[\Xۂ][][]K\X[\]Z\ Sو[X\ ZY'[[x&\[]\XYHHX[Y\[HHܙ[\][ۋݚY[\ ]Y]H[˜[^\Y[H[[K[XZ[[ۙYBZ[[[][Y[܈^\[Y]8&\Y[H[XXHܝ[ۙ\BY][ۈ[X\ 'BY[\H]\XYY]ܚ[[H\X܈\H\\[][ۈ\Y\XKSVSH H\و[\\‘܈[[KH[\\ݚYYٙ\[ۘ[ܚ^\Y[H[[\XB[]Y\YܙYK\HZY8'B[\\^YYY^H^X][ۜˈ]ݚYYHX[و\^\Y[H[\\وZ[[ۙY[H[[Yš[[ܙ[\][ۈZH[X\ܚX\[ܙYXH[XXK'B[HHTܘ[[YH\˜YH[[ ]X]\H]]HYXK]\\YH][[ۈو\[قY[\X[[H[YقY[X\ٝ[HX\YHTš[\\]HX\YH]\ˈB[\Xۈ[\Y\\Y[[[Y[B]H\HYXܙX][H]Hق]]]HXܛ[][]Y\[\ݚ[H]\وX[H[]YX[\YBH\[\[\HX܈ܙ[\][ۜ˂[ۘH[Hۙ\YY8'[\ܝ[KBڙX\Z\YHٚ[Hو[8&\\X܈[[ۙHY[[][ۋ][\Y\\X\[[\[BY]Y\YX][ۋY[\B]\XYY]ܚ[[B\X܈\H\\[][ۈ\Y\XK\\H]]H]YH܈[8$œY[ܘYX]\HY\YX][ۂ[\Xܜ[Y]H\HK'B[ۘHۘYY8'T\و]\B\\[Xܘ][ۋH\\[™^\\HXܛ\HY\[Xܜ•T\Y[HܘH܈ \YXK\Yۈ\\X\ \HܙX][ۈوB\XXHZYHX[۝[YHœ\ܝ[\Y\XܝZ]Y]X[]BY[[\8$\XH[[]\[[][]Y\˸'B\[X[ܘYX]H[[HܚH[X[\]Z\H[X\\ܚX[B[\\ ˌܙXܚ[\KœY[ܙ\\\YYXK•T\ܝ[][X][ۈ[H[]ˌܙXܚ[\Kܙ\X\