QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 81 - Page 11

I N A BID TO SUPPORT skills development within the cultural sector in Scotland, QMU is offering a limited number of bursaries for its Masters programme in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management. The University has established a bursary scheme to help staff from selected Scottish cultural organisations develop more effective knowledge of cultural management, both in the UK and internationally. The bursary offers a partial fee waiver of 50% for students undertaking the popular MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management programme. This fee waiver is available for a limited time only to staff from specific cultural organisations in Scotland. The scheme was piloted in 2014 and three staff from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society took up the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that would support them in the development of their career. The partial fee waiver and the support of their employer has allowed them to study the master’s programme on a part-time basis while they continue to work. David Stevenson, Programme Leader for the MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management course at QMU, said: “We are establishing this bursary to help support the development of the next generation of senior managers within Scotland’s diverse cultural sector. Given the rapidly changing economic and social landscape in which cultural organisations find themselves, we see this scheme as not only supporting the individuals but contributing towards the sustainability of cultural organisations in Scotland.” Organisations choosing to take up this opportunity must agree to support staff members by giving them the time they need to attend the course - one day a week throughout each twelve week semester over the two years of the programme. Lyndsey Jackson, from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said: “The fee waiver scheme allowed us to offer three members of staff high quality professional development as well as a postgraduate qualification. We have encouraged these staff to apply their learning to their roles and the wider organisation, and the content of the programme reflects the reality of working in a festival organisation such as ours, giving students us VgV62@vVFvRFW&f&&WGFW"FV"v&rƗfW2( ФfVVF&6g&7GVFVG2v7F'FVBFR&w&R#B06&VVfW'6FfRFvgV&R6C( FR7W'BbאVW"FVFW'FR7Fw&GVFR7GVG2&VVfV&RFג&fW76FWfVVBBFR66VGVRbFVƗfW'w0RFVVBגV&rƗfRv&rVf&VB0vV2VW7Fג&v6FB6VwVW2F&VvW@גV&r( ФFfB6FVVC( vR&RFVƖvFVBFBFR7GVFVG2vFWF2'GVGGW&r7BV.( 2BfRfVBFR&w&P6fV&RvR7VGW&&v6F26gFVv&fW'FvB'VFvWG2F26VBBVFB7FfbFWfVVB0fW&VBvRFF266VRffW'2ff&F&Rvf"7VGW&&v6F2FfW7BFV"FVBv6vVFFVǒ7G&VwFVFV"&ƗGF7W'B7&VFfR&7F6R66FBFR'FfVRvfW"VFFW2W&VBgVFR"'BFP7FfbV&W'2bVƖv&R&v6F2FSRvfW"`6W'6RfVW2f"FR'G2fW7FfB7VGW&vVVBFR&VrfVRb *3#6&RB'FR'F6Fp&v6FFR7FfbV&W""6&Fb&FVƖv&P&v6F2W7B&RVFW#( "'Bb7&VFfR66FN( 2&VwV&ǒgVFVB'FfƖ( "r67&VFFVBW6WV2766FVBvFW6WV2vW&W066FB ( "РrV&W'2bFRfVFW&Fb66GF6FVG&RFfGV2v&RFW&W7FVBFr&R&WBFR'W'6'66VR@FR6FVBbFR&w&R6f6CGGwwrR2V6W'6W2t6W'6R6f5C#c"6F7BFf@F&V7FǒC7FWfV6R2V) ՔR7&VFfGb7VGW&P