QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 80 - Page 26

GRADUATES’ A S S O C I AT I O N NEWSLETTER By Maureen Paterson, Graduates’ Association President MEMBERSHIP The QMUGA is open to all members of QMU and associated educational establishments. A one-off payment gives life membership which allows you to attend informal lunches which usually take place on the last Saturday of each month from September to November and from January to April. Members are invited to attend the AGM in June which will give you the opportunity meet old friends and make new ones. In addition, members have all year round access to Madras Lodge, the seaside house at Gullane, East Lothian. Membership is open to graduates and staff and normally costs £35 at graduation or £45 for staff and alumni members. President's Report On the 30 April 2014, I attended the funeral of long standing member, Mary Ogilvie. Her niece said that she has been delighted to be invited to the 100th anniversary. On Friday 23 May, the 100th anniversary celebration took place in The Piano Bar at QMU. Some 40 members and guests attended. Members had travelled from Banchory, St Andrews, Crieff and Cockermouth. We were delighted to welcome three members who had graduated in the 1940s and they included Jean Butchart from Banchory, Anna Ross from St Andrews and Constance McArthur from Edinburgh. The afternoon began with a glass of fizz followed by a welcome from Professor Petra Wend, QMU’s Principal and Vice Chancellor. We were then entertained with a performance of ‘Life at The Edinburgh College of Domestic Science to the present day at Queen Margaret University’ by three Drama students who gave a magnificent performance, which was enjoyed by all. Following the afternoon tea, the event concluded with the cutting of a ribbon at the 'Tree of Life' which was donated by the QMUGA. On behalf of QMUGA, I’d like to extend our thanks to QMU for its assistance and support with the anniversary celebration. Without QMU’s input, the afternoon would not have been such a success. The AGM took place on 7th June 2014 at The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School. Several members attended. One nomination was received for the Committee for Elaine Acaster, who we are pleased to welcome. An update on progress was given by Malcolm Cutt, Director of Operations and Finance at QMU. Many thanks to Malcolm for his informative report. In July, I attended QMU’s graduation ceremonies at The Usher Hall which was followed by a Champagne reception at QMU. This year, as it was the 100th anniversary, the Atholl Crescent Prize was awarded to two students - one to Lewis Gail, BA (Hons) Business Administration and, the other, to Daria Janus, (Hons) PR and Media. Also in July, members of the QMUGA held a joint event with the Edinburgh University Graduates’ Association at The Meadows Croquet Club where afternoon tea and croquet was enjoyed by all who took part. Many thanks to Alison Ross, QMUGA member, for organising this event. QMUGA won the match! 26 QMYOU / Graduates’ Association and Reunions Celebrating 60 years of friendship. A group photo of some of the students of Household Institutional Management Diploma. The group (pictured above) met at Atholl Crescent, Edinbu rg h C oll e g e of Domestic Science in 1954. They have been friends ever since and enjoy having yearly reunions. T hey celebrate d their 60 th reunion at QMU with a guided tour around the campus and a film screening followed by a delicious lunch. ❒ Left to right, top: Wilma Punler, Florence MacPherson, Janet te L ane, Eliz abeth Carter, Mora Adam; Bottom: Joan Sneddon, Morag Robertson & Irene Miller. REUNIONS: Call for classmates: Marjorie Tait (nee Andrew) is looking to contact graduates of the Diploma in Life Sciences, Nursing who started at QMC in August 1975, to organise a reunion. Fiona Davies, wishes to contact graduates of the Diploma in Home Economics, who started in 1965, to join the reunion next September. Tina Chapman (nee MacFadyen), is looking to contact graduates of OTTC who started in Astley Ainslie Hospital and graduated i NMHBSPܙ[\HH ][[ۋ܈[HوH[۝XN[[[P[]KX˝Z܂B LH  XY\H8$[HHXZ][\Y^HYB[[[BBH[HHSUHܘYX]\&B\X][ۈY[X\•[[H[[XY\“H[[[KX\X[XX[]\\H\[ٙXZ[۝[[[B[]Y\\H[\]\ ܈H\H܈0̍L܂Hٝ܈HYZ˂Y]HY[X\8$܈\B$۝XSUHHY[X\\Xܙ]\H[XHܝH\H]XK[[[HY\Y\™]KYܝ\\Y]œ\\\[[BH[[H]Y][ BX\HX\H\[[\\]YH\XKHٝ\[[Y]›ݙ\X\X[HH] BX[][\K]8&\H\X܈HYZ[]X]܂܈[HY[ Y\YB\KX[]Y\[B][\XH[YH\\\ݙ[؈[ZXܛ]H\YBHH[[ܛ\\H\Bܛ[܈Y\ŠH[H[HXJK[]H[ݙ\]\\H۝\XHX[B][K[8'\\'NY\LH \JK0L H ٝ B[\\[[[Hو]\HX]]Y\H˜\ ]][[]Z[XH[BXZHXY\HHݙ[B][ۈ܈H][[ۈ][Z[B[Y[˂۝X[H\˜X]Z[[]Z[X[]BN[[]YKܙ˝Z