QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 78 - Page 31

Where are you now? Ashley Russell tours with ‛Mama Mia In 2008 Ashley Russell, a QMU drama graduate, was one of the finalists in the BBC talent show-themed television series ‘I’d Do Anything’. The show saw Ashley compete for the role of Nancy in a West End production of ‘Oliver’. Since then, Ashley has performed in concerts and musicals including ‘Shrek the Musical’ on Drury Lane. She is now performing all over the world on the ‘Mamma Mia’ international tour. Ashley is also recording a track for the new Scottish animated feature film ‘Sir Billi’ directed by Sascha Hartmann and produced by Sir Sean Connery. ❒ Jordan Young, new star of 'River City' Q.M.U.G.A. CONTACTS Bookings Secretary for Madras Lodge Anne Yokes T: 07817 328035 E: mlbook@qmuga.org.uk Social Secretary Dorothy Finlayson 4 Brunstane Road North Edinburgh EH15 2DJ T: 0131 669 5341 E: alanfinlayson@virgin.net Membership Secretary Sylvia Northcott 22 Waulkhill Drive Penicuick Midlothian EH26 8LA T: 01968 674161 E: sylvia@thenorthcotts.net Committee and General Communication Maureen Paterson Fettes Court 5/2 Craigleith Road Edinburgh EH4 2DL T: 0131 332 0047 E: maureenlpaterson@gmail.com QMU graduate Jordan Young has just landed a role in a well-known Scottish BBC TV soap. Moving from the hugely successful film, ‘Filth’ where he starred alongside James McAvoy, Jordan feels right at home on the set of ‘River City’. Jordan plays an entrepreneur and businessman, Alex McAllister, the nephew of resident Billy Kennedy. Even though he has dodgy family connections, Alex tries to do legitimate business. He can be extremely cut-throat and is a true go-getter. It will be a treat to see Jordon on our TV screens on a regular basis and we will watch with interest to see how his character develops. ❒ Commonwealth Games Eat your greens Emma Jack from Aberdeen, who graduated in Events Management in 2012, has been appointed to a volunteer role in press relations with The Commonwealth Games 2014. Arlene Rush, who was featured in the last QMYOU, also landed a superb position with The Games. She left her job as Events and Governance Co-ordinator with North Glasgow Housing Association for a once in a lifetime opportunity to work at The Commonwealth Games, which is being hosted in her home city of Glasgow. Arlene, who graduated in 2011, is now Ceremonies’ Senior Cast Coordinator at Jack Morton Worldwide, the global events company appointed to deliver the opening and closing ceremonies fo "FRvW2) BBRW"R2R@WB&Fw&GVFRg&ХR2W7BV6VBWrvV'6FRFBV6W&vW0Vr6G&VF&V6P&RvVFvV&R&W@vBWG&FFRvV'6FR6VBfVvWfR6V&6W2v&VW70w7B6G&VbFP'F6RbfVvWF&W0FV"FWG2B2F&PgV'&vBVGV6FWW&V6RvR6FW&rFV&ǒV'0fVFF7FvRRb2␦wVFVƖW2FRvV'6FPvfW2fVvWF&W2Rf6RBFW67&F0FrFW&R'F@F6Bw2FWBFRvV'6FP"bBR2FR"BfPvbG&vrGFVFF"FB7V7G26G&Vw2WG&FTFRBF27&pWrvV'6FRBsfVvWfR6V) W26&V7&W2F&VvG&G&BFVG&Rw&GVFRW26&V27W'&VFǒv&r27Fr@W&f&6RV7GW&W"BVF'W&v6VvRgFW"w&GVFrg&R6WFVB0VƖf6F2G&FV6W"BFRVfW'6GbVF'W&vBvVBFW7F&Ɨ6G&FW'FVG2BvVFvv66GVg&W2B6FVגV7BFFFFF2V7GW&r( 26FvFVF'W&v6VvRr6VW2FV6rFPvǒ7V66W76gV7&VFfRGW7G&W26FVגB'FW'6&WGvVVVF'W&v6VvPBR26F&V7FVB6WfW&B&GV7F2F&VvWBVF'W&vWfW"PF6&6VvR6&W22'W7v&BvF7GVGrf"BvF^( 0Ff6bVF6V6FBW&f&֖r'G2v2fr76f"WVƗG@FfW'6G77VW2v2FVƖvFVBF&RFRf'7BFV6W"66FBF&Rv&FVB&fW76&V6vF'FRvVW&FV6r6V6b66FB) ՔRvW&R&RRs3