QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 78 - Page 26

Costume designer lands role on Hollywood blockbuster ‘Gravity’ Ruth George, BA (Hons) Costume Design and Construction, graduated 2010. N OT MANY GRADUATES can say that they have designed costumes for A-listers George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, but Ruth George hit the big time almost immediately after graduating f r o m Q M U, w h e n s h e c r e a t e d the astronaut costumes for the technically dazzling film ‘Gravity’. Although the film is only recently out in the US and the UK, Ruth worked on the project almost three years ago. She gives us an insight into her work on the movie as well as her current theatrical connections with David Tennant. How did you get the ‘Gravity’ job? I worked on ‘Treasure Island’, a two part TV feature film starring the comedian and actor Eddie Izzard and Rupert Penry-Jones. One of the cutters that I worked with on that production put my name forward for ‘Gravity’ and it all spiralled from there. I worked as a stitcher alongside a team of cutters and designers to develop the space suits worn by Clooney and Bullock. What were some of the challenges on the ‘Gravity’ project? The suits had to look as if they really were being worn in outer space, so no part of the costume could look as if it were being pulled down by gravity. In order to portray this anti-gravity look, we had to develop undergarments, consisting of tubes, which helped the suits sit correctly and created a bulkiness that slightly restricted the actors’ movements. The construction of the costumes had to help the actors look as if they were moving in outer space. The project was unique and technically challenging - it involved a lot of trial and error. Our team had to make several suits for the actors and stunt doubles just in case anything went wrong. I also learned to use larger scale industrial machinery and developed new techniques, rather than concentrating on the hand-sewing that I would normally do. 26 QMYOU / Graduate Interview Did you have any memorable moments on the project? It was great seeing some of the props and machinery that were used to create the movie, particularly the flying contraptions that Sandra Bullock was strapped to. It threw her around the set as if she was let loose in outer space. The costumes had to stand up to this type of hars X]Y[ [ܝ[][HHY]™H][܈[ܙHۙ^K]HY]YY][B[YYKHY[^[Y[H][YY]HܚYۂX[[\\[ڙX ^Hܚݙ\Y[ZYYZ[YܙH[Z[Y[]8&\Z\][H[ܚۈHڙX]XX[HYHH[\[[[YHYX\ۈH[K]\Y[[\[\[ڙX’H\\ؙH\]H]HX[Z\X\H\[BۈHX]HX[ۈوX\RKH^KX\YX܈]Y[[ \[[[]ܙ H[]H\X[[ۙۈ\H][[[H[و[X\K^HH܈\X[ۈ[YYXZ[Z[[[][\[˜[Y\[][]\][XYH܈HXܜ˂[\X]YHو[\\X\\’HܚY[\ؙHۈHY[HX\ٝ[]\X[8&]8&B[ۙ۸&\\[ ]\\H[X[]HܚYۈB]\ۈX[H]\]H[[\ܝ[›YH\H]Y\]\[H\[YH\Yۈ]YܞKY[HXZ[[O’]\Y]SUH[^HX\\XYYHؘYKYBۈX[Y[]\ܚۈH[H[\[[ HܚY\H\\ۈH[H8&ܘX&KX\X][[]H[ B\\[ XYYH[[YYH]H؈]&X\\H\[8&KۙHوHܙX][X][YH\Yۂ]SUH\]HY H[HZHXYYH[YH H]B^[[[\HۛX[ۜˈHX\Hܝ[]Y\]B\][ۈ^H\HX[H[YYH\H]ZXH[H[H[\K8d