QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 78 - Page 17

QMU's virtual hamper shows a mouth watering array of artisan food and drink products from QMU's knowledge exchange partners. ETEAKET - leaf tea experts based in Edinburgh Producer aims: to expand the range of speciality teas, tea blends, flavoured and decaffeinated teas, and to identify and understand the antioxidant and caffeine levels of Eteaket teas in order to convey accurate information to customers. Research aims: to assess the antioxidant content and caffeine levels of Eteaket’s product range. Research results: the research provided a scientific evaluation of the antioxidant, total polyphenol and caffeine profile on the product range. Producer results: the company can now provide customers with clear and visual nutritional facts by highlighting accurate information in its packaging and website. CUDDYBRIDGE - artisan juice producer based in Peebles Producer aims: to produce a new seasonal drink using apple and sea buckthorn berries. Research aims: to establish the qualities and nutritional properties of the combined juice. Research results: the addition of sea buckthorn results in a high antioxidant content that can prevent slow oxidant damage to the body. The combination of the apple counteracts the slightly tart taste of the sea buckthorn and results in a delicious, freshly squeezed fruit drink. Producer results: the development of a new freshly squeezed juice combination that has a higher nutritional content than the company’s individual apple juice product. BELHAVEN FRUIT FARM - East Lothian fruit farm Producer aims: to develop a successful marketing strategy for its new fruit ice dessert products. Research aims: to establish the nutritional content of its new fruit ice products. Resea rc h r esult s: many healthy components of the fruit ice were identified. Producer results: Belhaven was able to make confident statements in its promotional materials about the health benefits of its new product. This had a positive impact on its sales and marketing efforts. QMYOU / Knowledge Exchange 17