QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 78 - Page 16

Using research to support Scotland's food & drink industry One of QMU’s key priorities is to support the development of Scotland’s food and drink industry. Our research expertise is helping a range of commercial companies develop healthy food and drink products and bring them to market. THE CHOCOLATE TREE - organic chocolatier based in East Lothian Producer aims: to gain a clearer understanding of the nutritional content of its products. This would allow the producer to promote the health benefits associated with its high quality product and challenge the view of chocolate as an unhealthy indulgence. Research aims: to provide accurate antioxidant and mineral information to enable a fuller understanding of the nutritional characteristics of the ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate. Research results: QMU provided scientific evaluation of the antioxidant profile and mineral content of the organic certified ‘bean-to-bar’ range, as well as professional guidance on the health and nutritional aspects of the products. Producer results: the health and nutritional information provided is helping the company develop accurate information for labelling and advertising purposes. This will also feed into a longer term marketing campaign. 16 QMYOU / Knowledge Exchange GUSTO - artisan dressing, marinade, oil and vinegar producer in Leith, Edinburgh Producer aims: to develop a unique salad dressing incorporating marine algae oil – a vegetarian alternative to the omega-3 fatty acids primarily found in oily fish (DHA) Research aims: to develop three new products, incorporating marine algae oil, to provide a novel source of DHA, and ensure consumer acceptability and commercial viability. Research results: a range of acceptable products were produced, each providing a significant intake of DHA by enrichment with marine algae oil. Producer results: Gusto is now scaling up the production of these novel salad dressings, incorporating marine algae oil for commercial production. This unique approach offers customers the nutritional benefits associated with eating oily fish without actually having to consume it. These products will be suitable for vegetarian ́ѡ͔ݡЁٔ)хєɕɕȁ䁙͠) 1 ,9=1(Ё1ѡɅ͕ɽՍ)AɽՍȁѼɅє)ɵѥЁѡéɥѥ)ɽѥ́ȁɭѥ̸͕)I͕ɍѼх͠ѡ)ɽ́ݕ́ѡѥᥑ)ѕЁѡѡ́)ɥЁѕи)I͕ɍɕձ )́хɅ䁽ɥ)ѥᥑ́ѡɴ)ѡЁɔѥѥٔѕȁՍ)́͡܁她Á)ѠɕՍɑم͍ձ)͕͔ɽѕЁѡ䁙ɽ)ɽ͕͔ éٕɅ)=̽=؁)ѥᥑЁѕЁ́ѡЁЁ)ɥȁѼѡȁ́Ս)́չݕȁɄ٥ɝٔ)AɽՍȁɕձ聅եɥѡՔ)ɥѥݱ́ݕ )Ѽѱɽ٥Ʌє)ɽՍЁɵѥȁɭѥ)хѕ́܁ٕѽ̸