QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 78 - Page 15

COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASSES QMU’s Consumer Insight Centre runs a variety of short masterclasses that focus on the effective management of complaints. They are designed for managers and complaints staff in a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Managing Complaints Masterclass: The Value of Apology Managing Complaints Masterclass: Coping with Challenging Behaviour PUBLIC SERVICES: COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT COURSES QMU’s Consumer Insight Centre has launched new complaint management courses for public services staff. Offered in a flexible format of three single day events, the courses are designed to meet the needs of complaint handlers and managers. The three single day events cover: • Resolving public services complaints • Investigating public services complaints • Remedying public services complaints BESPOKE TRAINING IN COMPLAINT HANDLING QMU’s Consumer Insight Centre offers bespoke courses to organisations involved in a wide area of complaint handling including dispute resolution and mediation. In the last three years, the team has trained 1200 staff throughout the UK and internationally and has worked with organisations such as the International Ombudsman institute, African Ombudsman R e s e a r c h C e n t r e, A s i a n O m b u d s m a n Association, Welsh Language Commissioner, Care Inspectorate, Audit Scotland, NESTA, Legal Ombudsman Service and the Financial Ombudsman service. To discuss your organisations needs contact Carol Brennan on E: cbrennan@qmu.ac.uk or T: 0131 474 0000. ❒ Now, more than ever before, organisations need to grasp the concept that with the right training, it is possible to deal with difficult situations more effectively, limit reputational damage and rebuild trust. Equipped with the right knowledge and by adopting a better approach to complaints, it should be possible to transform the consumer experience.” The Masterclass will tackle various important issues such as resolving complaints at the earliest opportunity. This can help avoid complaints escalating unnecessarily to senior management, the ombudsman or the courts. It also includes methods for managing feedback and listening to concerns, as well as top tips for verbal and written apologies. Carol concluded: “QMU has considerable expertise in complaint management and dispute resolution. A key benefit is that our Consumer Insight courses are underp VB'6Ɩ@6FV֖2&W6V&6( ) BF2bV&Ɩ06W'f6W2vfW&6P&V6W26FV֖0&W76RFFRT( 27&V6rf7W2V&Ɩ26W'f6PvfW&6R6FV֖72g&^( 2Ff6b'W6W72vVVBBVFW'&6R&RFVƗfW&r7Fw&GVFP&w&RFR7V&V7BFvfW&VBff62FPvVVB7V6Ɨ7G2&RFVƗfW&r7Fw&GVFP6W'Ff6FRV&Ɩ26W'f6W2vfW&6RFV&Ɩ26W'f6Pv&W'27&72vW2R2DRŒVfW'6GBRTFbfR"7Fw&GVFR&w&RV&Ɩ26W'f6RvfW&6R6FV֐vW2FRVFW'6FWfVV@&bFRvV6vfW&VB06G&7FVBRFFVƗfW"FPfFfR&w&RF#V&Ɩ06W'fG2&6VBf&W2vV6V&Ɩ2&FW2G"VƖGB&w&RVFW"@R6C( FRfW&W2ffp֖B7Fff&G6&R2G'W7B@&V6&R&2G'W7BvƖv@FRVVBf"&W"vfW&6RW V&Ɩ26W'f6W2( V&Ɩ26W'f6W2FRT&P7&V6vǒFVƗfW&VB'6WWGv&bV&Ɩ2&fFRBF&@6V7F"&v6F2F2VvFV0FR6VvRb6WfrG&7&V7B66VF&ƗGV&Ɩ26W'f6PFVƗfW'( ФG"VƖGB6FVVC( vR6V@6FV֒vW2f"Fr&7FfP&6FWfVrFR62`vV6V&Ɩ26W'fG2FG&W76pFW6R6VvW2FW6R&RfW'6VvrFW2f"V&Ɩ26W'f6PFVƗfW'BB2FW&Vf&RfW'VgVF&R&RF6&RWW&V6W2g&Ц7&72FRFWffVBvfW&VG2( ХFR7Fw&GVFR6W'Ff6FRFW0F66VBFR7B&V6VBFBFW&FƖ7FWfVVG0V&Ɩ26W'f6W2vfW&6RvW02vV2FR&W7BbFRT77VW07V62V&Ɩ2f6RVFr6vPB6V6F2&RW&V@W6rWW2bvB&7F6R@7WGFrVFvR&W6V&6FR&w&P2FVƗfW&VBvF&VBbf6RFf6PBƖRV&rFfB&VBFP'W7v&rƗfW2bV&Ɩ26W'f6Pv&W'2R2rW7F&Ɨ6VBG&6&V6&BF26R7V6Ɨ6@&V6VFǒ&FW&F&RЦ6fW&V6RFBfW7FvFVBFR&P6V6FWW'F6R26rvfW&6R&fW76"v&^( 0FWWG&66C( R2f7W6V@FWfVr6W'6W2B6GV7Fp&W6V&6FB2&VWfBF66WG( 06vrVVG2BFB&fW0VƗGbƖfRF2Wr'FW'6&W&W6VG26FVVB6֗FVB'RF7W'BFRVffV7FfRFVƗfW'BvfW&6RbV&Ɩ26W'f6W2@RFBvVFFVǒ&fR6W'f6W0f"FRV&Ɩ2( Ф6''WFW'2F&V7F"b6FV֐vW2vV6vfW&VB6C( 6FV֒vW2v&rvFV&W bW"WV&Ɩ26W'f6W27FVFW w&W2&V6VFǒFVFfVBFB&&G62&WV&VVBf"#2@v2VVFVBF&fR&v6FvfW&6R6&ƗFW27&72&V2bFRV&Ɩ26W'f6W2Wf6W@bW"&W76RFF2&WV&VVB0FR7Fw&GVFR6W'Ff6FRt2V&Ɩ26W'f6RvfW&6RvR&VƖWfPFBF2&w&RvBǐ7&V6R6&ƗGw7BW7Fp6V"vfW&6R6VwVW2'WBv6767BFRV&Ɩ26W'f6W2vW07V66W76rB'VFpFR62f"FRgWGW&R( vRfR&VVFVƖvFVBFv&vFVVV&v&WBVfW'6GFRFVƗfW'bF2&w&RG0&VBb6FV֖2&vW"WW&V6PBWW'F6R2V&VBFVFFVƗfW"&w&RFBBǐFWfV2FRvVFvRB6`'F6G2'WB26WBfW'V6FP6FWBbFRvV6V&Ɩ26W'f6R@vFW"TV&Ɩ26W'f6RF2W0FR&w&Rvǒ&VWfBFFVVvFW2V&ƖrVffV7FfRG&6fW bV&rFFRv&6R( ) bW"&v6F6VB&VVfBg&G&rV&Ɩ26W'f6W0vfW&6RV6R6F7BG"VƖGBSVƖDR2V C3CsB) ՔR7W7F&R'W6W70P