QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 78 - Page 12

Raising the profile of dementia amongst allied health students A team of QMU health academics and dementia experts from Alzheimer Scotland ran a dementia study day for over 200 occupational therapy students at the University in October. T HE TRAINING EVENT, which was the first of its kind in Scotland, aimed to improve understanding of the illness amongst future allied health professionals and improve support to people with dementia. It will also help allied health students connect their professional practice with Scottish Government policy. Dementia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms including memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty with day-to-day tasks. There are many types of dementia, with Alzheimer’s being the most common. Currently 800,000 people in the UK have dementia and that figure is set to rise to over a million by 2021. Last year, the financial cost of dementia to the UK was more than £23 billion. That cost is set to spiral as the number of people living with the disease, and others affected by their illness, continues to grow. Fiona Maclean, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at QMU, said: “In Scotland alone about 86,000 people have dementia and that number doesn’t include the wider circle of people who are affected by a family member or friend with the condition. It is a growing problem and one that presents massive challenges for our health and social care services, as well as our economy.” Fiona continued: “All occupational therapists in employment will be faced, at some point, with the challenges of working with people with dementia, as well as their families and carers. This study day helped support students in their awareness of dementia in order to enhance their practice skills when working with all people impacted by this condition. “In order to work effectively as an occupational therapist, professionals need to understand and respect the importance of the individual’s personal c ɍյх̸=ȁՑ䁑)͕ͥѼՑ́ѡх٥ݕݥѠ)ѥ 䁥ɕͥѡȁݱ݅ɕ̰ݔ)եȁɅՅѕ́ѼݽɬՍɔѥٕ䁥ѡ)͍ѠͽɔMѱt)QɅٕЁ݅́٥͕!չѕȰѡ9ѥ)!ѠAɽͥ́ ձхЁݥѡ顕)Mѱ5Mȁ1ɕȁ=ѥ)QɅ䁅ЁE5T)!չѕȰ9ѥ!ѠAɽͥ̀!@) ձхаͅqQ́́Ʌѥ)ѹ͡ݽɭݕ顕ȁMѱ)E5TѼɽٔѥݱѥ)ѡɅՑ̸MѱéɕЁ9ѥѥ)MɅѕ䁽ѱ́ɽȁ!ÁѼЁѥٔ)ɵѕٕѥ́ȁݥѠѥɕ)̻t)хЁЁѡٕЁ݅́ѡ顕ȁMѱ)5 ́ѡЁ݅́ѕE5WéUٕͥMՅɔ)Q5 ́́չՔɵѥٕѡ)Ʌٕ́ɽ́ѡչѼɅ͔݅ɕ́Ё)ѡ͔ѕɕѕȁѕ䰁ѥQ́Ё)ɽٕٕձȁݥѠѠՑ́ѡ䰁Ёͼ)Ʌѕ䁽ѡȁՑ́хݡ͔ٕ́ͼ)ѽՍ䁑ѥ)!M̰ ᕍѥٔ顕ȁMѱ)ѡٕи!胊qѥ́ѡ)ЁѠՕ́ѼЁȁͽ䁅ѡɔɔ)́MѱݡɔЁѕѡ̸́])Ёٕѕȁ݅́ɕѥѥɥ)ȁݥѠѥѼѡѼٔѕȁѡ)ݸ́չѥ̸Q́Ʌѥɕ)ͥѥٔمѥٔ݅䁽ՍѥɔѠ)ɽͥ́Ёѥͼѡ䁍ձ)հɥѥѼѥЁɔѠѡ9!L)ѡЁѡɔ͕ѽȻt)AɽͽȁɅE5WéAɥͅ胊q9)䁑ѡٕ́ЁɴѡɕمE5WéݽɬѼѡ)Օ́ѡЁЁͽ䰁Ё݅́əЁᅵ܁E5T)́Սѥɕ͕ɍ丁Uѥѕ䰁ݔ)ѡٕ́Ё́Ѽͥѱ䁥ɽٔȁՑϊd)չхѥͼѡЁѡ䁍ɥєѼ)ѕȁɽչ͕٥ɽ٥ͥɽٔѡՅ䁽)ȁѡ͔ѕѡѥtvH)=ѥѡɅӊéɕ͕ɍ́ѼѥՑ䁑)I͕ɍɽ啅ȁѠՑаɥѕɹ͡չMхȰչٕɕѡ)ȁ=ѥQɅՑ́Ѽѕȁչхѥɔ)Ѽѡݽɭ) )1I-99geLIMI )͡ݕѡЁ=ѥ)QɅՑ́)չхѥЁѡ)ͽ́ݕɔ䁅եɕ)ݡݽɬЁȁɽ)ͽɥ) ɗéɕ͕ɍ͡ݕѡЁE5T)ѼЁՑ́Ѽٕ()E5e=T!ѠIхѥ)ѡȁݱ͔ѥ)Սѥչѥ́)ЁѡȁɕɽɅ)ݥɅՅѥ ɔչѽ)ѡ́Mхȁѕɹ͡ݥѠE5T)顕ȁMѱQɽаݡ)ٽٕȁݽɭݥѠ=ѥ)QɅ䁅́́ɽ)ѡɥ䰁Ёѡݱ)͔啅ȁՑ́ɕѥѼ)ѡMѥٕ͠ɹӊéAɽѥ)ፕɅݽɬ) ɗéݽɬɵѡٕ)ٕ䁽ѡѥՑ䁑䁅)E5T=ѽȸIɔЁѡ)Ց䁑䁥ѡѥٔv