QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 77 - Page 28

Trees of Life Dobbies Garden World Melville is the presenting sponsor for the exciting new QMU ‘Trees of Life’ programme on our campus. 150 trees will be planted by 2025 to celebrate the achievements of our graduates, remember loved ones and honour others. In 2025, QMU will celebrate its 150th anniversary and these living trees will further symbolise our historic roots in the community. Each tree is accompanied by a beautiful plaque with the name of the donor. The donation required for each tree is £150. All funds directly benefit students and are disbursed by the QMU Student Parliament. To order your tree, please contact Professor Joe Goldblatt, Development Officer at E: jgoldblatt@qmu.ac.uk or T: 0131 474 0000. Student successes First years, Fiona Rees and Dearbhaile Hayes, alongside final year postgraduate students Rosanna Heeney and Caoilfhionn Deeney, went on to play against a combined Dunedin Connollys /Wolfe Tones team at a match held in Edinburgh. ❒ Anne-Marie Casey, Vice Captain of QMU Ladies’ Gaelic football team, explained: “An All-Star is the highest award given by the Gaelic Athletics Association. This is the first time a member of the QMU team has won the award so having four team members winning All Stars is a big deal, as the team is selected and voted for by all of the Gaelic football teams throughout Britain.” ❒ Barbara Prater - 'Trees of Life' supporter things you might not know about QMU • has attracted funding to offer 27 additional fully funded postgraduate places on two new Masters programmes; an MSc in Gastronomy and an MA in Culture and Creative Enterprise. • has won £4.6m to establish new academies to help improve educational and career opportunities for senior school pupils and fill a skills gap. Aside from the Hospitality and Tourism Academy, new academies now exist in Creative Industries, Health & Social Care and Food Science & Nutrition. • provides a range of academic and business expertise to assist small and medium sized food and drink producers with business development. • can offer product development, scientific testing and information about business funding streams to assist SMEs with business growth. QMYOU / Latest News • has a graduate employment rate of 93.8% - that puts QMU in joint 5th place out of 17 Higher Education institutions in Scotland. • is the first UK university to have a Business Gateway located on campus. Run by East Lothian Council it provides assistance, start-up advice and free workshops and seminars to a variety of businesses including graduate start-ups. • can offer a base for new business start-ups as part of QMU’s Business Innovation Zone • provides an events and conferencing service and can offer meeting space for both small community events or larger scale celebrations or seminars. •  h olds various events each year including professorial lectures, The Edinburgh Lecture Series, Costume Showcase and postgraduate open evenings, which are open to the general public. • has refurbishing its fitness suite and weights room this summer for the benefit of staff, students and the local community. ❒ Pedal power sees Trevor complete Tour de Force In June, one of QMU’s senior staff geared up for the biggest challenge of his life. Trevor Laffin, Head of the University’s Division of Busi ̰ѕɥ͔5аչѽ)ՕɅɕɕɅѥȁ危)ѡɽєѡaQȁɅdQɕٽˊé危)ѡaQȁɍdͅ܁є)ѡձ̰ɔɽєݕɔѡ)ɽͥɥ́ѽЁѡaQȁɍd) ɔ̃aQȁɍdɽє) ͥQɕٽȁչѽյɽ́ɝ͕)危ɥ́ɽ́ѡU,Ѽɕɔȁѡ)ٕиQ́Ց́ѡAɥа+aQȁѡ ɑϊd̤aQȁ1Ցˊd)QL)ȁȁ()=ȁѡ́Ѽѡݥ)ݡٔɕѕѡaQɕ)1dɽ+-ѡ币݅ȃ-ѡ币!эͽ+Q=ɕՑЁ )=յԃ ɉɄAɅѕȃ))Iͽ=̈́I+Aɽͽȁ)Ё9)1幹)ٕ$)]$($)Q$)]ɔ(ٵ̤a ɑ́ 危фMѥٗd؁̤+aչɵMѥٗd̤́ݕ́)危ѼM唁ѡɽ՝Ё%ɕ)QaQȁɍdɹѽQɕٽȁѡɽ՝)QAɕ́Q́ɔ䁙͡)Aɥ́ ѥ䁽ѡЁ)ձ)QɕٽˊéٕɔɅ͕䁙ȁѡ)]]ѕ́5ɥQи!ٕ́䁝Ʌѕհ)ȁѡЁɕٕɽE5Tх)ѡUٕͥéѕȁձ䁙ɥ)Ց5ѥ]͡ЀɽIхɅЁ5ѥ)]͡Фɕ܁ɱ̤ЁI)= !ѕ̰ɝ9܁Qݸ )MQɐvH)UɝɅՅє=)Q͑ѠMѕȁ$)MɑѠ=ѽȀ(ŅL)E5T)ٕ$)]$)Q$)]ɔ)AѝɅՅє=ٕ(Ѡ9ٕȀ(ԸѼܸ)E5