QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 77 - Page 24

E veryone enjoyed the range of delights that were on of fer. People mingled over brunch and cream teas, while others enjoyed the tutor- led wine tastings followed by artisan cheeses produced by a QMU graduate. Of course, no visit to QMU would ever have been complete without everyone partaking of a wee QMU scone! Chef Director of Café St Honoré and Scottish Chef of the Year (Scottish Restaurant Awards 2011) Neil Forbes conducted a demonstration showing guests how to make the most of local, seasonal produce. This was followed by tutor-led wine tasting sessions led by Richard Bouglet from l’Art du Vin, and cheese from QMU graduate and cheese-maker, Jane Stewart of St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese. BA Consumer Studies: class of 1990 If you are an alumni interested in finding out how you can get more closely involved with QMU, please see the response form on the carrier sheet that came with your copy of QMYOU. QMU academics and researchers of fered a range of fascinating sessions which gave an insight into their work in speech technology as well as nutrition and biological health sciences. The session with Isobel Davidson, Professor in Nutrition, helped graduates establish whether they were a taster or a supertaster. Microbiologist and Immunologist, Dr Lorna Fy f e , u n c ove r e d t h e fascinating antibacterial properties of Portobello honey. Dr Mary Warnock discussed the astounding nutritional properties of the East Lothian superfruit, sea buckthorn and outlined the University’s commercial work with Cuddybridge, an ar tisan apple juice producer which has been working with QMU on the development of a new high end apple/sea buckthorn drink. By the end of the day, visitor s had had the oppor tunit y to have some fun, rekindle old friendships, de ٕ)ѥ́ݥѠ)յЁ)ͽѡ͍ѥ)ݽɬѡӊé)ЁE5TAɽͽȁ)ɅE5Wé)Aɥ݅́ѕѼ)ݕյݡݕɔ)܁͍ѕɕٕ)ѡݽɱѼ͡ɔ)ɵѥЁݽɬ)E5Wé̸͡)AɽͽȁɅͅ+q%Ё݄́ጁ)ȁչѼхѼ)ȁյ)ݡЁ͍ѥɕ)ݽɬѡ䁅ɔٽٕ) ɕ́Ʌɽ)Ѽͥɽ)٥ɽхɽѕѥ)Ѽ䁅ѥ)ɽѥ)ѡɅѼ͔+q]ȁ݅ɐѼ)ȁɕѥ͡)ݥѠ)ѡ) )ѥ))ͥɥ܁ݔ)ٕՅ䁉)ɕѥ́͡ݥѠɔ)յѡɔt)Qݽəհ9ɉ̰ѥمѕɅՅѕ́хݥѠ́ͥȁ͕ͥͽɽՍɕ͕ѕɅ)͕́ͽ̰͡ͽݡݕɔɹ͡ݥѠɉ́ѡЁٕ䁵ɹɽ́E5Tѵи()E5e=T ЁIչ