QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 77 - Page 20

EVENTS SPECIALIST INSPIRES YOUNG PEOPLE FROM NORTH GLASGOW The catwalk show, deliberately constructed to reflect the University’s commitment to sustainability, was staged at QMU a n d formed part of Arlene’s honours degree. In front of a significant audience, Arlene’s true potential had been realised and she was soon to make her mark on the world of events management. Never losing touch with the professor who sparked her enthusiasm for the events industry, the University has stayed involved in Arlene’s career development. Professor Joe Goldblatt, QMU’s Director of the International Centre for the Study of Planned Events, was so impressed with her success – she rose above experienced industry experts to become winner at The Scottish Event Awards for her Green Fashion Show – that he featured her in his events management text book ‘Special Events: A New Generation and the Next Frontier’. Over the last four years, it has been with great pride that Professor Goldblatt has watched Arlene’s career progress, firstly as the Student Event Manager for East Lothian’s 'The Saltire' and 'The Homecoming Finale', then working with the events team in COSLA and now with her present organisation, ng homes. A dress made of glass from recycled green bottles grabbed media headlines, delighted university officials and created a memorable occasion at an event co-ordinated by stand-out student Arlene Rush at the University’s first Green Fashion Show in 2009. 20 QMYOU / Alumni & Development News Arlene’s role as Events and Governance Co-ordinator sees her establish opportunities and deliver a comprehensive events calendar for the community to flourish through events as part of the on-going regeneration of a highly deprived area. One of the most rewarding areas of Arlene’s work is the development of new partnerships with local schools to establish opportunities for young people in the community. Arlene explained: “Having drawn heavily on lectures delivered by Professor Goldblatt, I created and delivered an innovative Events Management Training and Volunteering Programme for young people in North Glasgow. The programme is about inspiring young people to take up opportunities in their community as part of their personal development and journey to employment in the events industry.” The programme was awarded Commonwealth Games legacy status supported by Cllr Archie Graham, Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council and Executive Member for the Commonwealth Games, and commended in the Scottish Parliament by 13 MSPs. Professor Goldblatt travelled to see Arlene deliver the programme and spotted an opportunity to enhance what Arlene had started. He said: “ng homes is now working with QMU to identify how together we may educate and inspire future generations who will improve their communities as Arlene has done. The support from ng homes allows us to investigate how to create a sustainable event management training programme for school leavers, and the under and unemployed residents of the community so that they may go, as Arlene has done, from strength to strength in the future.” If you would like to find out more about Arlene’s Events Management Training and Volunteer Programme you can contact her on T: 0141 630 4264 or E: arush@nghomes.net. ❒ Rosalyn’s sustainability legacy to QMU Rosalyn Marshall, recently retired Vice Principal at QMU, has made a financial donation which will support QMU’s ongoing focus on sustainable development. Rosalyn was instrumental in the development of QMU’s new campus at Musselburgh – leading the build project and placing sustainability at the very core of the University’s vision. Recognised as an exemplar in sustainability within the higher education sector nationally and internationally, the campus is a physical example of QMU’s commitment to sustainability and is the foundation upon which its vision and strategy continue to develop. QMU’s holistic approach to achieving a lasting legacy of sustainable practice is also Rosalyn’s legacy. QMU’s thinking and practice not only takes account of its immediate campus environment, but extends to curriculum development and leadership. Rosalyn’s donation will support the development of a short film which will highlight the environmental aspects of QMU’s campus and further promote its commitment to sustainability. ❒