QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 77 - Page 12

Historical and mythical designs create catwalk sensation Costume Design and Construction students took QMU’s annual catwalk event to new heights this year with a theatrical spectacle which showcased historical, mythical and literary creations. N OW IN ITS 6th year, the student- run Costume Showcase 2013 was slicker, bolder and more artistic than those of previous years. The larger scale event, which took place in May, showcased a stunning array of costumes created and modelled by QMU’s Performing Arts students. The breadth of work reflected the Costume and Design students’ portfolios and included large scale works as well as smaller pieces including millinery, puppetry and illustration. The costumes included a mix of the historical, the mythical and the literary: Female Frankenstein, Furies and Mr Fox took the stage. Costumes based around the time of Catherine the Great, and from the film ‘Peter Pan’, were also part of the show. Another significant feature of the Costume Showcase was tartan themed outfits with material kindly donated from Borders based Lochcarron of Scotland and Kinloch Anderson in Edinburgh. The QMU tartan, designed by Kinloch Anderson in 2007, featured in some of the outfits. Dr Richard Butt, QMU’s Dean of the School of Arts, Social Sciences & Management, said: “Like the tartan featured in a number of the designs, the show wove the historical with the contemporary, heritage with haute couture, and rebellion with the carnivalesque.” Dr Butt continued: “The event provided students with the opportunity to unveil costumes they have worked on over the last year including a historic recreation of a costume worn by Catherine the Great, Mrs Darling from Peter Pan and one of the Dolly Sisters from a show at Monte Carlo in 1925.” He concluded: “Our BA (Hons) Costume Design and Construction course has close industry links, with our students providing costumes for professional productions and 12 QMYOU / COSTUME SHOWCASE for heritage bodies. For the first time, students took full responsibility for the running of Costume Showcase, therefore gaining valuable event management experience to add to their developing creative skills.” This year, ‘Costume Showcase: Exhibition and Costume Parade’ took place outwith the University at the Teviot Debating Hall and attracted a wide range of guests who were blown away by the stunning designs and the ability of the models, many of whom were QMU acting students, to breathe life into the characters. Robert Carr, Chairman of Anderson Strathern LLP was so impressed with the event that he wrote to the Principal saying: “It was a magical night from historical perfection to the magical, to the macabre and to the exotic. It was evident to everyone who attended the event th ЁԁٔЁѕ)хѕɽՑ́ݡ)ɽՍЁܸ́͡)%Ё݅́ͼȁѡЁѡ䁅ɔ)Ʌѽɕ)ѥمѕ䁅ɥ)ɽѕ̻t) 䁙ɽ)Yɝ5䰁ͼ啐)Mݍ͔Mͅ胊q$)݅́ձ䁥ɕ͕)ѡɕхЁ)今t) Ʌձѥ)ѼѡE5T)Ց́ݡ)ݽɭѽѡ)ѼɕєՍ)Ʌ)ͥvH