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4 QMYOU / News in Brief


Food and drink partnership sweeps the board at innovation awards


NOVEL COLLABORATION , combining both commercial and academic expertise to explore the application of microwave technologies to the food and drink sector , has won two national awards for innovation and partnership .
Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd ( AMT ), a pioneering microwave technology business , in partnership with QMU researchers in food and drink , swept the boards at the inaugural Interface Excellence Awards 2012 for Knowledge Exchange . The team , which won in two out of three categories , received the awards from Enterprise Minister Fergus Ewing . AMT scooped ‘ Innovation of the Year ’ and together they were awarded ‘ Sustained Partnership of the Year .’
AMT is emerging as one of the world ’ s most innovative users of microwave expertise in its application to the food and drink sector . The cutting-edge technology has led to a revolutionary new food processing method which could transform food manufacturing on a global basis . Trials involving commercial food businesses helped QMU and AMT researchers prove that the new technology , a very gentle process of pasteurisation , can extend the shelf life of food and drink without destroying nutrients and antioxidants and without altering taste .
Professor Isobel Davidson from QMU said : “ Our congratulations go to the AMT team which had the initial idea , vision and fortitude to get their technology to this stage . We look forward to being involved in the future success of a high growth Scottish company which has the potential for global influence .”
She concluded : “ This award helps to promote the potential of commercial and university partnerships and confirms QMU ’ s commitment to supporting SME ’ s within Scotland ’ s food and drink sector .”
For more information on this partnership and these awards visit : http :// goo . gl / 5bpBe
Community nurses mark Queen ’ s Jubilee


RESPONSIBLE for establishing the first district nursing service in Scotland came together to mark the Queen ’ s Jubilee . The September event , which involved community nurse practitioners from all over Scotland , also celebrated 150 years of public health nursing .
The institutions involved in organising the celebratory event , QMU and Queen ’ s Nursing Institute Scotland , have a shared history . Ishbel Rutherford , Nursing Lead at QMU , explained : “ The University ’ s founders were responsible for setting up the first district nursing service in Scotland . In about 1887 , Christian Guthrie Wright , Louisa Stevenson and Princess Louise helped develop the Queen Victoria ’ s Jubilee Institute for Nurses in Scotland . Almost an entirely voluntary body , the organisation established training and residential facilities in Edinburgh and Glasgow to prepare nurses to provide care to the sick poor in their own homes . Effectively this was the beginning of the district nursing service and it was a vital initiative in the period prior to the creation of the National Health Service .”
The community nurses , who were also joined by current QMU nursing students , celebrated the history of and the contribution made by the community and public health nursing professions to Scotland ’ s healthcare .
Ishbel Rutherford said : “ Queen ’ s Nursing Institute Scotland was established around the period of Queen Victoria ’ s Jubilee , so it was an appropriate point to celebrate this rich history However , the event also gave us the opportunity to look ahead . With the current ( CNO ) review of nurse education about to be published , it was a critical time to look at the future provision and education of all community nurses in Scotland .”
Special delegation to India


Principal of QMU , travelled to Delhi ,
India in October for a Scottish national mission focusing on the area of innovation in higher education . The special event was organised by Scottish Development International in conjunction with the Indian Planning Commission ( part of the Indian Government ) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI ). Cabinet Secretary , Fiona Hyslop , led the Scottish delegation and Professor Wend spoke at the high level round table event .
A magical weekend of words and stories


J . K . Rowling , Alexander McCall
Smith ( The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency ) and Michael Morpurgo ( War Horse ) the 2012 Lennoxlove Book Festival was always going to be a riproaring success . Thought to be the best Lennoxlove Festival yet , this year ’ s line-up offered a host of stars including historian Neil Oliver , top food experts and business women Prue Leith and Lady Claire Macdonald , and master entertainer John Sessions .
For the second year running QMU was delighted , not only to sponsor the event but also to have staff involved . The University held a special reception on the opening night for friends of QMU , and Trevor Laffin , Head of the Division of Business , Enterprise and Management , chaired the session with Lady Claire Macdonald , food writer and owner of Kinloch Lodge Hotel and Cookery School on Skye .

4 QMYOU / News in Brief

NEWS IN BRIEF Food and drink partnership sweeps the board at innovation awards A N O V E L C O L L A B O R AT I O N , combining both commercial and academic expertise to explore the application of microwave technologies to the food and drink sector, has won two national awards for innovation and partnership. Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd (AMT), a pioneering microwave technology business, in partnership with QMU researchers in food and drink, swept the boards at the inaugural Interface Excellence Awards 2012 for Knowledge Exchange. The team, which won in two out of three categories, received the awards from Enterprise Minister Fergus Ewing. AMT scooped ‘Innovation of the Year’ a @FvWFW"FWvW&Rv&FVB( 7W7FV@'FW'6bFRV"( B2VW&vr2RbFRv&N( 07BfFfRW6W'2b֖7&vfPWW'F6RG2Ɩ6FFFRfB@G&6V7F"FR7WGFrVFvRFV6w2VBF&WfWF'Wrf@&6W76rWFL*v66VBG&6f&ЦfBVf7GW&rv&&62G&0ffr6W&6fB'W6W76W0VVBRBB&W6V&6W'2&fPFBFRWrFV6wfW'vVFP&6W72b7FWW&6F6WFV@FR6VbƖfRbfBBG&vFW@FW7G&rWG&VG2BFFG2@vFWBFW&rF7FR&fW76"6&VFfG6g&P6C( W"6w&GVF2vFFR@FVv6BFRFFVf6@f'FGVFRFvWBFV"FV6wFF07FvRvRf'v&BF&VrffV@FRgWGW&R7V66W72bvw&wF66GF66v62FRFVFf"v&fVV6R( У@ՔRWw2'&V`6R66VFVC( F2v&BV2F&FRFRFVFb6W&6BVfW'6G'FW'62B6f&0^( 26֗FVBF7W'Fr4^( 0vF66FN( 2fBBG&6V7F"( Фf"&Rf&FF2'FW'6BFW6Rv&G2f6CGGvvV'&P6VGW'6W2&VVV( 2V&VP@P"r2B0$U54$Rf"W7F&Ɨ6pFRf'7BF7G&7BW'6r6W'f6P66FB6RFvWFW"F&FRVVV( 2V&VRFR6WFV&W WfVBv6ffVB6VGW'6P&7FFW'2g&fW"66FB66VV'&FVBSV'2bV&Ɩ2VFW'6rFR7FGWF2ffVB&v6pFR6VV'&F'WfVBRBVVV( 0W'6r7FGWFR66FBfR6&V@7F'6&V'WFW&f&BW'6rVB@RWVC( FRVfW'6G( 2fVFW'0vW&R&W76&Rf"6WGFrWFRf'7@F7G&7BW'6r6W'f6R66FB&W@r6&7FwWF&Rw&vBV67FWfV6B&6W72V6RVV@FWfVFRVVVf7F&( 2V&VP7FGWFRf"W'6W266FB7BVF&VǒfVF'&GFR&v6FW7F&Ɨ6VBG&rB&W6FVFf6ƗFW0VF'W&vBv6vrF&W&PW'6W2F&fFR6&RFFR66"FV"vW2VffV7FfVǒF2v2FP&VvrbFRF7G&7BW'6r6W'f6R@Bv2fFFFfRFRW&B&"FFR7&VFbFRFVF6W'f6R( ХFR6VGW'6W2vvW&P6VB'7W'&VBRW'6p7GVFVG26VV'&FVBFR7F'b@FR6G&'WFFR'FR6VGBV&Ɩ2VFW'6r&fW762F66FN( 2VF6&Rग6&V'WFW&f&B6C( VVV( 2W'6p7FGWFR66FBv2W7F&Ɨ6VB&V@FRW&BbVVVf7F&( 2V&VR6@v2&&FRBF6VV'&FRF0&67F'vWfW"FRWfVB6vfPW2FR'GVGFVBvFFP7W'&VB4&WfWrbW'6RVGV6F&WBF&RV&Ɨ6VBBv27&F6FPFBFRgWGW&R&f6BVGV6Fb6VGW'6W266FB( Х7V6FVVvFFF$dU54"UE$tTB&6bRG&fVVBFFVƆF7F&W"f"66GF6F֗76f7W6rFR&VbfFvW"VGV6FFP7V6WfVBv2&v6VB'66GF6FWfVVBFW&F6V7FvFFRFr6֗76ࢇ'BbFRFvfW&VB@FRfVFW&FbF6&W'2`6W&6RBGW7G'd446&W@6V7&WF'f6VBFR66GF6FVVvFB&fW76"vVB7R@FRvWfV&VBF&RWfVBv6vVVVB`v&G2B7F&W0pDTDĔrUD%2ƖP&vƖrWFW"466֗FFRV&W"FW0FWFV7FfRvV7B֖6V'W&vv"'6RFR#"VfR&fW7Ffv2v2vrF&R&Ч&&r7V66W72FVvBF&RFP&W7BVfRfW7FfWBF2V.( 0ƖRWffW&VB7Bb7F'26VFp7F&VƗfW"FfBWW'G0B'W6W72vV'VRVF@G6&R6FBB7FW VFW'FW"6W762f"FR6V6BV"'VrRv0FVƖvFVBBǒF76"FRWfVB'W@6FfR7FfbffVBFRVfW'6GVB7V6&V6WFFRVpvBf"g&VG2bRBG&Wf"ffVBbFRFf6b'W6W72VFW'&6PBvVVB6&VBFR6W76vFG6&R6FBfBw&FW"@vW"b6FvRFVB6W'666R