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Student successes

Winning essay sheds light on BBC future
Film and Media student Agata Korecka , won first prize in the UK Student Essay Competition run by the ‘ Voice of the Listener and Viewerʼ ( VLV ).
Agata , a Polish student in her 3rd year , attended the ‘ Brave New World ’ conference in London where she was awarded with a cash prize and two weeks ’ work experience with a leading television or radio production company .
In her winning essay , Agata , who intends to pursue a career in broadcasting after completing a Masters , tackled the issue of the future of public service broadcasting in an age of social media . ❒
It ’ s off to the Fringe for Sarah
Congratulations to third year Drama and Performance student Sarah
Hailstones , who has received funding of £ 2,500 from UnLtd to help her put on her play at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 . ❒
Scholarships help sporty students make the grade
Alice Spence is delighted to gain scholarship support from ‘ Winning Students ’ as she juggles her final year studying Dietetics at QMU with her blossoming curling career .
The 21-year-old helped Scotland to win gold at the 2012 World Junior Curling Championships and has now stepped up to the senior ladies level .
She said : “ Now that I ’ m competing at senior level we would love to win the Scottish Ladies Championship to qualify for the Worlds in Latvia next year . I would say we are one of the top three women ’ s teams in Scotland so it will come down to who performs on the day .”

Alice is one of three QMU students to receive scholarship support from Winning Students in 2012-13 . The awards will be invaluable in help support the students with that difficult combination of balancing their study with their sporting aspirations . Fellow curler Mhairi Baird , a Nutrition student , has also been selected , as has hockey player Kirsty Hill . ❒ things you might not know about QMU

• We are conducting award-winning work with one of the world ’ s most innovative users of microwave technology to help revolutionise global food processing .
• Our commercial team can offer the food and drink industry assistance with product development , nutritional analysis , focus groups , intellectual property and scientific testing .
• Expertise from a QMU dietitian helped inform nutritional guidelines for school dinners and breakfast clubs in UK school .
• Our nutritional researchers are looking at how oily fish can be made more appealing to Scotland ’ s nursery children .
• Our tourism experts are helping lift rural communities in India out of poverty by helping them develop co-operative tourism destinations which put undiscovered parts of India on the global tourism map .
• We have the widest range of allied health professional courses of any university in Scotland .
• Our researchers are exploring techniques that could reform the amount of time patients spend in hospital recovering from hip and knee replacement .
• The first ever piece of equipment to measure the severity of a speech disorder was developed by a team of speech researchers at QMU .
• Researchers have been investigating the nutritional content of East Lothian ’ s superfruit , Seabuckthorn , which is not only loaded with antioxidants but has a high SPF factor and the potential to be used as biofuel !
• We have podiatry and chiropody clinics which are open to the public . These supervised clinics give students valuable learning opportunities whilst providing a great service to the community . ❒

DATES for your diary

Event : Public lecture by Lady Claire Macdonald as part of The Edinburgh Lectures . QMU is a partner in The Edinburgh Lectures series .
Title : ‘ The natural wonders of Scotland ’ s culinary landscape ’ When : Monday 18th March 2013 Time : Doors open 5.30pm , 6pm start Where : Edinburgh Storytelling Centre , 43 High Street , Edinburgh , EH1 1SR
Booking : http :// edinburghlectures . wordpress . com /
Event : Professorial Lecture by Professor Nigel Gleeson , Professor of Physiotherapy at QMU ’ s School of Health Sciences
Title : ‘ From bullworker to biometry and performer to patient : reflections on combating musculoskeletal fragility ’ When : Wednesday 27 March 2013 Time : 5.30pm for 6pm Where : QMU Booking : These lectures are free but booking is essential . To reserve a place , register at : www . qmu . ac . uk / conferencesEvents / publicEvents . htm # publicLectures
Event :
Postgraduate Open Evening
When :
Wednesday 24th April 2013
Time :
5.30pm to 7.30pm
Where :
Event : When :
Time : Where :
Undergraduate Open Days Thursday 5th September and Saturday 5th October 2013 11am – 3pm QMU
Event :
QMU Alumni Reunion
Title :
‘ Connect 2013 ’
When :
Saturday 8th June 2013
Time :
9.15am - 9.30am ( registration )
Where :
Booking : alumni @ qmu . ac . uk

28 QMYOU / Latest News

Student successes Winning essay sheds light on BBC future Scholarships help sporty students make the grade Film and Media student Agata Korecka, won first prize in the UK Student Essay Competition run by the ‘Voice of the Listener and Viewerʼ(VLV). Alice Spence is delighted to gain scholarship support from ‘Winning Students’ as she juggles her final year s Ց她)ѕѥ́ЁE5TݥѠ)ȁͽɱ)ɕȸ)фA͠ՑЁȀɐ啅Ȱ)ѕѡa Ʌٔ9܁]ɱdɕ)1ݡɔ݅́݅͡ɑݥѠ)͠ɥ锁ݼݕϊdݽɬɥ)ݥѠѕ٥ͥȁɅɽՍѥ))%ȁݥͅ䰁фݡѕ)ѼՔɕȁɽѥѕ)ѥ5ѕ̰хѡՔѡ)ɔՉ͕٥ɽѥ)ͽvH)%ӊéѼѡɥȁMɅ) Ʌձѥ́Ѽѡɐ啅ȁɅ)AəɵՑЁMɅ)!ѽ̰ݡ́ɕٕչ) ȰɽU1ѐѼ)ȁЁȁ䁅Ёѡ)ɝɥ̸vH)Qĵ啅ȵ)MѱѼݥ)ѡȁ]ɱ)չ) ɱ ͡)́܁ѕ)Ѽѡ͕ȁٕ́)Mͅ胊q9܁ѡ)'eѥЁ͕)ٕݔݽձٔѼ)ݥѡMѥ͠1) ͡ѼՅ)ȁѡ]ɱ́1٥+]ɔՍѥ݅ɐݥݽɬ)ݥѠѡݽɱéЁمѥٔ)͕́ɽ݅ٔѕѼ)ɕٽѥ͔ɽͥ+=ȁɍѕȁѡ)ɥ䁅ͥх)ݥѠɽՍЁٕаɥѥ)̰ͥ́ɽ̰ѕՅ)ɽ䁅͍ѥѕѥ+ѥ͔ɽE5Tѥѥ)ɴɥѥե́ȁ͍)́ɕЁՉ́U,͍)ѡ́)ЁЁ)ЁE5T+<ȁɥѥɕ͕ɍ́ɔ)܁䁙͠ɔѼ)Mѱé͕䁍ɕ+)<ȁѽɥʹ́ɔЁɅ)չѥ́%Ёٕ䁉䁡)ѡٕɅѥٔѽɥʹѥѥ)ݡЁչ͍ٕɕ́%ѡ)ѽɥʹ)QLȁȁ)ٕ$AՉɔ1 ɔ)5́ЁQ)ɝ1ɕ̸E5T́)ѹȁQɝ1ɕ)͕ɥ̸)Qѱ$aQɅݽ́Mѱe)ձ䁱͍d)]$5Ѡ5ɍ)Q$́Ըх)]ɔ$ɝMѽѕ ɔ(́!Mɕаɝ (MH) $輽ɝɕ̸)ݽɑɕ̹()E5e=T1ѕЁ9)Ё啅ȸ$ݽձͅ)ݔɔѡѽ)ѡɕݽéѕ́)MѱͼЁݥ)ݸѼݡəɵ)ѡ今t)́ѡɕ)E5TՑ́Ѽɕٔ)͍͡)ɽ]MՑ)ȴ̸Q݅ɑ)ݥمՅ)ЁѡՑ́ݥѠ)ѡЁձЁѥ)ѡȁՑ)ݥѠѡȁѥ)Ʌѥ̸܁ɱ)5ɤ ɐ9ɥѥ)Ցа́ͼ)͕ѕ́́)ȁ-!vH+]ٔѡݥЁɅѠ)ɽ͕ͥ́չٕͥ䁥)Mѱ+)<ȁɕ͕ɍ́ɔɥѕՕ)ѡЁձɕɴѡչЁѥѥ)хɕٕɥɽ)ɕи+QЁٕȁեЁѼɔѡ)͕ٕɥ䁽ͽɑȁٕ݅́)ѕɕ͕ɍ́ЁE5T+)H͕ɍٕ́ٔѥѥѡ)ɥѥѕЁЁ1ѡéəեа)MՍѡɸݡ́Ё䁱ݥѠ)ѥᥑ́Ё́MAѽȁѡ)ѕѥѼ͕́Օ+]ٔ䁅ɽ䁍́ݡɔ)ѼѡՉQ͔٥͕́ٔ)Ց́مՅɹչѥ́ݡ)ɽ٥ɕЁ͕٥Ѽѡչ七vH)ٕ$Aɽͽɥ1ɔ)Aɽͽȁ9ͽ)AɽͽȁAͥѡɅ䁅)E5WéM!ѠM)Qѱ$aɽձݽɭȁѼ䁅)əɵȁѼѥɕѥ)ѥ͍ձͭх)Ʌd)]$]͑܁5ɍ)Q$ԸȀ)]ɔ$E5T) $Q͔ɕ́ɔɕ)͕́ѥQɕ͕ٔ)ɕѕȁܹŵԸ)լɕٕ̼)Չٕ̹ѴՉ1ɕ)ٕ$)]$)Q$)]ɔ)AѝɅՅє=ٕ)]͑Ѡɥ(ԸѼܸ)E5T)ٕ$UɝɅՅє=)]$Q͑ѠMѕȁ)MɑѠ=ѽȀ)Q$ŅL)]ɔ$E5T)ٕ$E5TյIչ)Qѱ$a Ѐϊd)]$MɑѠ)չ)Q$ՅɕɅѥ)]ɔ$E5T) %յŵԹլ