QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 76 - Page 27

Where are you now? Angel Coulby, QMU acting graduate, has recently wowed the critics with her stunning vocal performance in the new BBC 2 drama ‘Dancing on the Edge’. Best known for her portrayal of Guinevere in the hit TV BBC fantasy series ‘Merlin’, Angel again graced our screens in February this year when she played the part of Jessie Taylor in the BBC 2 drama. The explosive drama, set in the 1930s, follows a jazz band as they find fame and royal patronage on the society party circuit. Madras Lodge, Gullane Q.M.U.G.A. CONTACTS Bookings Secretary for Madras Lodge Anne Yokes T: 07817 328035 E: mlbook@qmuga.org.uk Former ‘Merlin’ star finds her voice in ‘Dancing on the Edge’ Social Secretary Dorothy Finlayson 4 Brunstane Road North Edinburgh EH15 2DJ T: 0131 669 5341 Membership Secretary Helen Kerr 26/6 Hawthornbank Lane Edinburgh EH4 3BH T: 0131 220 2714 E: hkerr@googlemail.com Committee and General Communication Maureen Paterson Fettes Court 5/2 Craigleith Road Edinburgh EH4 2DL T: 0131-332 0097 E: m a u re e n l p a t e r s o n @ gmail.com Angel took everyone by surprise when she auditioned for the TV programme at the very last minute. She hadn’t told anyone she could sing, not even her agent. Stephen Poliakoff, the programme director, was unaware of Angel’s hidden talent, but when she opened her mouth, the casting team knew they had found the right person. Angel’s character is loosely based on the singer Florence Mills who supposedly had an affair with the Duke of Kent and who died of TB in her 30s. Starring next to some well-known actors including John Goodman, Mel Smith and Anthony Head, Angel played a major role in two episodes of the five-part series. Since graduating from QMU in 2001, Angel has starred in numerous TV programmes including ‘The Bill, ‘Casualty’, Holby City’, ‘Hustle’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Vincent’ before getting her big break in ‘Merlin’. ❒ Silke Harting – HIV/AIDS Project Co-ordinator, South Sudan Silke was living and working in Niger when she decided to apply for her MSc in International Health at QMU. After four years in the arid heat of Africa, Silke was dreaming of wide green slopes and warm rain - so Scotland seemed like the perfect solution. Silke originally trained as a medical anthropologist, but her work in Africa made her realise she could do more with some additional skills. Having seen the programme with QMU’s Institute for International Health and Top reviews for drama graduates Development, she thought it would be the perfect place to gain the management and methodology skills she was looking for. “I had a great time at QMU, meeting staff and classmates from 24 different countries. I still have my tutor’s mantra in my head – ‘be a reflective practitioner’.” At present, Silke is working as a programme coordinator for a number of HIV/AIDS and health related projects in Lakes State, South Sudan, and the skills she learned on her MSc have allowed her to work confidently and effectively at a managerial level. Talking about her present life Silke declared: “Life for me is intense and rich in terms of encounters. I have now worked in Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia, Somali Region Tanzania, East Timor and South Sudan. If I had to give one piece of advice to current students or other recent graduates, it would be that they keep their skills up to date and realise the power of continuously networking.” ❒ Scottish theatre critic, Joyce McMillan gave a four star review in the Scotsman newspaper to Jamie Laing and Tom Birch for their play ‘This little piggy’ which was performed at Oran Mor, Glasgow in November. Jamie and Tom are both Drama and Theatre Arts graduates from 2011. ❒ QMYOU / Where are you now? 27