QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 76 - Page 26

GRADUATES’ A S S O C I AT I O N NEWSLETTER By Maureen Paterson, Graduates’ Association President MEMBERSHIP The QMU Graduates’ Association (QMUGA) is open to all alumni members of Queen Margaret University and Associated Educational Establishments. A one-off payment will give Life Membership. Membership allows you to attend networking lunches which usually take place on the last Saturday of the month from September to November and January to April plus the AGM. in June. Membership also provides the opportunity to enjoy the comfortable ambience of our seaside house, Madras Lodge, Gullane, which is available all year including Christmas and New Year. Membership is open to all graduates and present or former staff. Membership costs £35 at the time of graduation or £45 for staff and alumini at other times. To become a member contact:- Helen Kerr 26/6 Hawthornbank Lane, Edinburgh, EH4 3BH T: 0131 220 2714, E: hkerr@googlemail.com EVENTS Networking Lunches 2012 Lunches were enjoyed by several members at a variety of venues including tapas and Italian restaurants. Highlights included a traditional Christmas lunch prepared and served by QMU students at The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School on 10 December 2012. This is the second year that members have enjoyed a traditional fare prepared by students under the guidance of Fiona Burrell, Principal of The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School at 7 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Fiona herself is a former QM student and member of the Graduates’ Association. AGM 2012 The 2012 AGM took place at The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School at the beginning of June. The guest speaker was Craig Rutherford, Development and Alumini Manager at QMU. He was glad to report that under the good influence of the Principal, Professor Petra Wend, the University was officially “in the black”. Craig also reported that QMU's management team had won the 'Outstanding Leadership and Management Team' category in 'The Times Higher Education Award 2012'. In addition, QMU achieved a first class award and was ranked 2nd out of 14 Scottish Universities in the People & Planet Green League 2012. Craig answered various questions at the meeting including one on employment opportunities and he was pleased to report that QMU was in the top three Employment Opportunity Groups. Graduation In July 2012 Pat Denzler represented the Association at the graduation in the Festival Theatre. Pat attended both the morning and afternoon ceremonies as well as the evening reception at QMU. Madras Lodge Holiday Home Are you a golf enthusiast? If so, you will know that the Open returns to Muirfield, Gullane in July 2013. As we go to press, we can still offer accommodation during the golf period to GA members with family and friends at Madras Lodge in Gullane - the House (sleeps 5) or the Loft (sleeps 4). Off street parking available. If you prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy a relaxing holiday with beach walks, visits to North Berwick and walking or cycling the John Muir Trail, then Madras Lodge is ideally situated. The Graduates’ Association has rec [B\]Y[\ܘYHوH\H[[H[ [œX[\ܘY\وH][[]HX[]Y\˂][ L8$HܘYX]\&H\X][ۈ\ٙ\[H\YYH܈[\[HX\ۈHZBHXX\HXZ H\0L܈YHY[Hٝ[Y[[ݙ\\JH܈Yۈ\HY[\K[]™H[Xܙ]\K[H\ˈ܈[[]Z\Y\ۂ]\[XY\K۝X[HێN[[]YKܙ˝Z8d]ܙ\[^B\YX\H]ܙ\[^H\]\YZ[Y[Y[ܘYX]Y]HH[[XH[\ܛX[K[ܝ[][HH\[XH][HܘYX][ۈYBX]\ۙ][ۜˈH^H\]\YXXYX\ۙBY[܈[ܙX]]\Z[][ۈXYY Z[Y ˜\Y\\ٙHܙX]\ HHۙXYH[[Y\X[Y[]SH\[ۋ\ܙY[۝[Z]H[[\QH L•HQH܈ L[Hۈ]\^H[H]SUK\B\[و[[Y[Y[Hۜ]][ۋYHH[ܙX\B[[Hۜ]][ۈXY΋B&HXܙ]\H[[HHوHY[HH[XۚXXZ[]X\ M^\YܙHHYY][ˈH]H[HX\Y[H[[Z[HXY^[KH\[XZ]H[ܛX][ۈB[H[[HQHHY[X\\Xܙ]\K[ݙH\][X\[ۂX]\Y[]\ۈ[][\][YH[ݙB\][ۈZ[وSUH[H\[][ݙH\HBܝ[]H\HYY]H\X܈وH\][ \[\”SUHY[X\[Y[ˈ\H]X\XX]YZ[š[YY[H[[XXH][ SRUQB\H[H^[Z]YHYY][\[ Ľ L[܈HQHۈ[H Lˈ8dSVSH ܘYX]\&H\][