QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 28

Coeliac event for teenagers is genius! Q MU HOSTED a gluten free cooking day for teenagers newly diagnosed with coeliac disease. Short film is screened at Cannes A LECTURER FROM QMU has won a prestigious short film award and has had his film screened at Cannes. Walid Salhab, Lecturer in Media Practice, has just gained a Best Short award in the prestigious ‘Best Shorts Competition’ based in California. His film was then premiered at the Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival) at the Festival de Cannes. In August, it will also be screened in The Hamptons, New York. Walid’s film ‘Bra-et Al Rouh’ (Innocence of the Spirit) raises a w a re n e s s o f P a l e s t i n i a n refugees by using the theme of homelessness. This theme highlights the parallels between the Middle East and Western people in a way that refrains from being politicised. Walid Salhab talks about the film: “It’s a low budget film which I shot during Edinburgh’s International Festival, using the festival acts as a background for the story. My film- making is the basis for my own on going research. It allows me to explore the use of new technology in filming and editing techniques which I can then feedback into my teaching.” The film’s main star is a six year old Palestinian girl and it is through her eyes that the story unfolds. The girl is drawn to help a man on the street who is deep in despair. By showing him a small act of kindness, life seems all the brighter. His life now has new hope. Association 28 Graduate QMYOU / Latest News Walid said: “It’s amazing that a short film which cost literally nothing to make, seems to be gaining recognition world-wide. It’s a great success story for the University - the crew was mainly made up of QMU film graduates. Also, the music running throughout the film was gifted by singer, Marie Campbell, who continues to be a great friend to QMU.” Walid concluded: “It’s going to be a very busy summer. I anticipate that the contacts that I make at the festivals and the additional experience of the industry will bring significant benefits to future QMU film and media students.” In a letter to Walid which confirmed his success in the Best Short Competition, Q́ Ȱ)ѡ ѥѥé ͽ)ͅ胊qeԁѥɽՐ)ݥ ЁḾ̸)QՑхɑ́ɔ)ݥ́ѡɅЁ)ɕѥ٥䁕ᡥѕȁ)́хх́ٔ)ѡȁɽՍѥ̻t)Qѡٕа)ݡѽ5)݅́Ѽѕ)ݡɕѱ䁉)͕ݥѠѡ)ѥeչѕ)ѡչѼ)͡ɔٕ́)Ʌѥͭ́ɕɥ)ѕɕ́͡Ѽ)ѡݥѠѼ)х䁍)QٕЁٽٕ)E5Wéɥѥ)ѕѥ́ɕ͕ɍ̰)ѕѥ)́ɽѡI兰)!хȁM ɕ(I!M ѡɥ )U,̰)ɽՍ́ѕɕ)̸)ȁ ɵ)Mȁ1ɕȁ9ɥѥ)ѕѥ́ЁE5T)胊qͥ)͕͔)ͥЁ́ٔ)ѼѼѡи)Yե)ѼЁݡЁѡ䁕)ѼѕɕQ)Ց́)Ѽѥ䁝ѕɕ)ɽՍ́Ѽ䀡Ʌ)Ф͔)͍ѥ䁽́)ͥɅѥѼѡ݅)́ɕɕѼɕٕ)ɽ́хѥ)1ɹѼɕɔ)́ɽ͍Ʌэ)ݡɔѕɕ)ٕ́ɔ͍)ݥѡѡи)Qٕ́Ёɕ͕ѕ)ፕЁչ䁙)չѼٕ)չх̰ͭѼ)́Ё٥)Ё́ݥѠ)͕͔t)1Ս Սɑ幔)չȁ́)ɽͥɅ)Ʌѕ)յȁͥѕ)ɕɕ́ݡٽٕ)ɅɕЁ)ɕɅѥ̸ͭQ͔)ՑѽѼ)͔ͅՍ̰щ̰)́͡)ݡձѕ)ѼɕєɕЁ̸)ݥѡɥ)Ʌѥ̰ѡ)ѕ́ѡݕЁ)Ѽѡȁݸѕ)ɕAѥ)ͼѡѼͬ)Օѥ́ѡ)ɽI!M )U,)Qٕ́Ё͕́)ݥѠɕЁɕ͕ɍ)ɥЁȁ) ɵ1́]є)ɕѕɕɥѥ)E5TAՑа)ɅѥݥѠ)AѕȁЁI!M )QɽЁ́)ݥѠѕ)ɕЁѠɕѕ)Յ䁽ѕ)Mѱ)QLȁȁ)ٕT(ɝɅՅє=)]Q͑ѠMѕȁMɑ($(Ѡ=ѽȀ)Q$ŅL)]ɔD(5TEՕ5ɝɕЁUٕͥɥٔ)5͕ɝЁ1ѡ ĀUT)ٕ$AѝɅՅє=ٕ)]%]͑Ѡ9ٕȀȁ$(%]͑Ѡɥ)Q$ԸLܸ)]ɔD(5TEՕ5ɝɕЁUٕͥɥٔ)5͕ɝЁ1ѡ ĀUT