QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 22

PR and media student Steven is the face of Arthritis Care’s Braxton - new fundraising campaign. (BA (Hons) Communication D ENISE MUNRO has lived with rheumatoid arthritis from birth. Her story has not only helped other people living with the condition to cope with their day-to-day tasks, her involvement with the charity has already resulted in £36,000 worth of donations via the direct mail campaign which she features in. Studies – 2005) S Documentary filmmaker Braxton image TEVEN JOINED QMU as a mature student in 2001. “I didn’t have any Higher qualifications”, says Steven, “but the interview process at QMU helped the admissions tutors take into account my time in the forces and my photography experience.” What’s your favourite memory of QMU? I was lucky enough to be involved in the relocation video that was made when QMU moved from the old campuses to the new campus at Craighall. That was a really interesting time as I got to go ‘behind the scenes’ and see the bits of the University that students don’t normally see – both physically in the buildings and also how the staff worked. It was like being a fly on the wall for nine months. What did you do after you graduated? I got a place at the Scottish Screen Academy in Edinburgh. Before I came to QMU I was mainly focused on documentary photography, but the relocation film and the fact that I then chose to do my dissertation in film as well changed my focus towards the screen. I started off doing Screen Project Development but then went on to a Masters in Advanced Film Practice. After that, one of my first projects was working on a film for The Fringe Festival where I interviewed a lot of the performers. I even looked after Britt Ekland’s dog whilst she was on stage! My film work has also allowed me to really get involved in issues of empowerment - empowering people from disadvantaged backgrounds and people who feel marginalised. Wh ]YXH[H]H܈Y[[[H[HܙX]]H[\Y\•ܚ\[Y\Z[]\YH[\[[Z[[ܙH^\Y[K]H[H[Y\X[YH\Y[]Z]H]ZY]܈YH]\x&\Y[\[YY\YH[ˈx&]HY[XZ[\HH\BH[YH[Y H\X\[H[H[[X\[][[X\]Y\ˈH[˜\ۙ\[x&\Hܚ[\[][]\B]8&[\[][X[K[H[Y]H[X[ۈو][&\ܚ]˘^ۚ[XYK˝Z•[]H\۸&]ܚ[\H[HXZ\H[[LYXHY[\[[8&H[[][۸&K˝\[[][ۋ˝ZŒY[ ܘYX]B]”SVSH ܘYX]H]‘[\H\ۛH\[\\ۘ[^\Y[HوH]]š[[][H\X\H[\ܝ[HXܛHRB\][\[H[X\Yۈ\YܙYH[\BX[Y\Y\\HZ[˜[][X]YYX][Kٛ[HYXYB\^\Y[\وYYX[X]Y[[\YK[\H[^\[Y\[ H^Z[Y8'Y][Y\’H[H[XH[8$š]ZY\[^H܈][HYZ8$[[ۙHX[B[\ H\\YYYو^H[\ˈ^HY[[ܚY\›و][X]Y[\[˜[\H[^BYX\\˸'BYY MYX\[\H[]^HHYKH[ZYZ[[YX\Y[˜]^H[ۙH[YB]\\]\\[\[\HZY8'HY]\][H[˜]YYYX][ۋHY]HY[[Z[H[[\Y\ˈ]YH[[HX[YX][ۂYܙHH[XYHXZ˜X]] ]\۸&][[H[YB[۝X]\]\\x&\[[X[ڙX]H\ݙ\YH\۸&]BۛH[[\ۈZ[ܚ]]H]\]\˸'B[Y\[܈\]\\H[[\˜XYHHY\و[\x&\›YH\ۘ[H[ٙ\[ۘ[KHY[\Z[HۛYH]H\X\[H\YܙYH][YX]B[][X][ۈX]\X[܂H\]K[\H^Z[Y8'[ݙ[X\\]\\H[[][YH]œY\]\Y\\ܝX]B]H\\X[Y[ H\\ۜXH܂[\Y][XH\[ۋ[8&\’X[Z[\\]\HܙX]X\[™^\Y[H[\\وX[[][]Y\[ۜ[Z[H][[H[YBX[Y[Y[و]\H\]Z[ 'B[\H\[ܙX]YHY[\BH\\\^\Y[\و][]\]\ˈYX][K\ܚ\X\\Y\\Y\[H[][X][ۜ[\K]H\]H[Z[ۈ\ܞH[[˜[][X]H[XXH[ܛX][ۋݙ]Z[[^HXY[ZXܚ]]HڙXX]][H[\Xۂ\[x&\]\\Y[HYH[[^\Y[B[\Hۙ\YY8'][Hܝ[]H™ݙ]Z[^HXY[ZXܚ]]HڙXX]][H[\Xۈ\[x&\]\š\Y[HYH[[^\Y[KۛH\›^Hܚ]\]\\H[[YH][XX[[]8&\[[YHܛ\˜H\ۈ[\ܝ\[[[KBY[[ܙHۙY[[^]YX]^B]\K'B[\\ܘ[[YHXY\܈HBۜHXX[][ۜ[YYXKZY'\Z[[ܞHXXH\H^\ۙHوB[YYXHܘ[[YH[Z[[[\B^\Y[H\\[X[[\\HY[™܈\Y\[XX[][ۜ˸'B[\x&\ܞH\YYY[B\]\\B[[\XXZ[[\ZYۂ\[