QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 16

New Academy takes hospitality and tourism to a new level What do you want to be when you grow up? This is so often the question asked of youngsters. They might answer with “a doctor” or “a lawyer” but there are not many teenagers whose first choice is to be a chef, hotel events manager, or a restaurant or hotel manager. IN SOME AREAS OF SCOTLAND’S hospitality and tourism industry, standards are exceptional. However, sometimes we are reluctant to acknowledge the professionalism involved in providing top quality service. In many other countries working as a restaurant front of house team member or a hotel manager is viewed as an important profession where people take great pride in their roles and in the delivery of excellent service. Unfortunately, wh Ё́Ѽ)ᕵ)͕٥ݕ()E5e=T)ݗeɔЁЁѡЁЁЁMѱ]ѕ٥܁)х䁅ѽɥʹ́ȁѽͥѥ̃L)ͽѡԁչѥԁͽѡѕȸÍ)ѡ͔ɥ́ɔɅɕ٥ݕ́Ёѥѥɕ)ȁչ͵аɥѕ̸) аѡӊé܁EՕ)5ɝɕЁUٕͥ䰁)ݕͬ) Ё1ѡ չ)ٔɍ́Ѽх͠ѡ)Ё1ѡ)!х)Qɥʹ))ݡ