QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 10

Joan Mitchell, aged 102 with student Heather Cooney group work, residents were able to build relationships in a safe context where they could explore issues, be with people they liked and share their life experiences through words and movement.” Dr Karkou explained: “There is a need to educate people about what dance movement psychotherapy is and how it can support the emotional wellbeing of older people through non-verbal communication. The reactions of residents spoke volumes and it was rewarding for students and care home providers to witness the benefits of the student interaction.” Dance Movement Psychotherapy students support care home residents D ANCE MOVEMENT PSYCHOTHERAPY students from QMU have been using their skills to enhance the lives of older people living in care homes. This innovative pilot project provided first year students on the master degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy with an outstanding learning experience, whilst also offering care home residents the opportunity to benefit from improved psychological wellbeing. The collaborative project, which involved QMU, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and the Care Inspectorate, aimed to identify how care homes could support Dance Movement Psychotherapy students to improve their skills and learning, but also to ascertain what benefits residents received in terms of personal outcomes and improved quality of life. Dance Movement Psychotherapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance through which a person can engage creatively in a process to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. Dance Movement Psychotherapists work in a number of different settings with people with a range of needs. Practice placements are core to the education of Allied Health Professions (AHPs) students ensuring that they are able to transfer their theoretical knowledge into practice. The use of care homes as a learning environment is currently being explored by the Care Inspectorate Rehabilitation Consultant, Edith Macintosh 10 QMYOU / Health & Rehabilitation and NES allied health professionals. This pilot project has provided support to enable students to spend one or two days a week over the academic year working with residents in Edinburgh care homes. Dr Vicky Karkou, Programme Leader for QMU’s MSc in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, found it very rewarding to see the students putting their knowledge into practice and making a valuable contribution to the quality of care currently ava [XH][\HY\˂]\[H\ۜHHY[\HYH\Y[[YHZY'HXܘ][ۈ\[YHۙ\[ܝ[]H[XHH\\H˜\HY\\Y[][\BY^\Y[Hو\\Hو\\KY[[\Y[\H]ZXB][YYX[[ٝ[[][ۜ\˂\[Y\Y[^ܙHZ\[[[ۘ[YX[Y\Y[ݙ[Y[ HY[\H[XHXZBۛX[ۜ]\\Y[[\BYHY\[\Y\\[\][ۋۙ[[\\X][Y[[\[\K'B[ٚX[Y\ۙHوHY[ܚYۈHڙX ZY8'[B[ݙ[Y[X\\H[Y\BH[Z[[]H[[[\ݙBH]X[]Hو[x&\]\ˈYX]\ۙ^KSUHY[ ^Z[Y8']HY[[\H\\H]H[\X[ۈ]\Y[ˈ]B[ \H\]\Y[\[œܚY\[[Z[\[ˈ^HHX[YB\\X]H\H\Y[XYY]^H[YHH\[ۜ˸'B\Y[[Z][ YY L [[[H[ݙ[Y[X\\K[ܝ[]H[XZ[X]KHZ[YY8'B]H\\HYHX[[˸'B^H][[[\\Y[ ^Z[Y]\[H\[ۜHYY[\Y[][]H[X[YH[HXZ]Y[Y^[][ۜو]\][^H\H[˂Y\H\[ۜ[HY]\B\ۜ\ˈYH\H[Y\[H\\H[ܙHX]K܈X\X^KB\[ۜXYH\Y[8&[Yܘ]Y8&H[H[HH^\Y[H8&\\x&BZZHX\ XXH\\\܈YY]H\[Hو[H[ݙ[Y[X\\HY[[H\BYH[Y]YۛHH\Y[˜][\HYHYHZY8'[B\HYKY\H[^\]\HقHXX[YYوH\Y[˂[H[ݙ[Y[X\\H[Y˜[H][H]]\[\وBXX[YYوH\Y[]\[\[ۛHۈ\X[\X[]Y\˸'B\HۘYY8'H[ڙXYۚYX[H[[YHY[^\Y[HۈHX\\ܘ[[YB[[ۙ\YYSUx&\[Z]Y[ڙXX[\ݙH]X[]HوYK'BT[H\H[Xܘ]H\B\[Hܚ[]\RYX][ۂݚY\\\^ܙH\[[وXXHX[Y[[\[]R\H][ܝ[]Y\][[[ۛYH]\\H[B܈H[[X[[X[\B[\ۛY[^H[Hܚ[[Bܝ[HوHY[^\Y[H\œXYHHSUHYYXHY[[[YHTˈ]\]Z[XHY]ۂ[UXH]˞[]XKK]݂ZQ[UۍPIX]\O\[]Y