QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 98

Interview with Zahra Sheikh — BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy About you “I am originally from Zambia — a country in southern Africa, and a far cry from Scotland!” Why did you choose to study speech and language therapy? “I chose to study speech and language therapy as there is a huge need for health professionals in Zambia. There are no available degrees at the local universities and after looking into what speech and language therapy was, I decided it was something that would not only benefit my country but it would also be a great fit to my personality. “ Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/ QMU? “I came to Edinburgh in the summer of 2010 for my older sister’s graduation and fell in love with the city! I was keen to study here, so was very excited when I applie d for the BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy at QMU and was accepted. Not only would I be studying at one of the best universities for the course, I’d be doing it in such a beautiful place.” Living away from home “Living away from home was hard for the first few months — I didn’t realise how much I had depended on my mum! But it is great once you get the hang of being on your own and depending on yourself. Living in the city with my friends means that I am never short of laughs or shoulders to lean on in times of need. “Living in Edinburgh is amazing and I urge all students to make the most of it! Go on walks without knowing where you are going, go into all the cool little cafés and, most off all, appreciate how beautiful it is — it never fails to take my breath away, even on the rainiest of days. “Moving away from home was a very hard thing to do, especially as I moved so far away and there was a huge culture shock, but I made good friends who gave me top tips on how to adapt to living in a place which was much colder than home.” The course “The highlight of my course so far has no doubt been the placements that I’ve been on. The different exposure to a range of clients has provided me with an insight into the health system, the different service users and the positive impact I will potentially have on individuals. “To potential students, it will all eventually make sense. Stick with it! In the beginning you seem to be all over the place learning all sorts of stuff that doesn’t seem speech-related, but they are and it will all come together eventually!” Life as a student at QMU QMU is a small university, so it’s easy to make friends and see each other often enough. I have enjoyed bumping into people throughout the day in-between classes and stopping for a chat. I am also a part of the Snow Sports society and have really enjoyed spending time with the group, going out and doing social activities. Looking forward to this year’s trip to the Alps! My top tip would be to remember that everyone is just as shy as you are. Be confident and talk to people and by the time Year Four comes around, you’ll be wishing you hadn’t wasted so much time being shy!” What do you hope to do when you graduate? “After graduating I’m hoping to pursue master’s degree in audiology.” 96