QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 72

This course prepares you for work as a dietitian. In addition to placements within the NHS, this course also offers other practice- based opportunities with voluntary organisations. These experiences enable you to put what you have learnt into practice and often as a stepping stone to your first job. BSc (Hons) Dietetics Dietetics focuses on the management and the prevention of nutrition-related disorders at an individual and population level. The course is a scientific programme of studies that takes you through a clinically and practically focused study of disease, health, food and nutrition. The course prepares you for work as a dietitian in a variety of settings. In Year One, you will study a range of modules that provide you with the fundamental knowledge, principles and concepts that underpin the practice of dietetics. You will be introduced to the role of food in health, together with human physiology, genetics and biochemistry. You will also develop skills in communication, computing, information technology, data collection and analysis. In Year Two, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the concepts relating to health and nutrition further, while beginning to integrate biological and social sciences. In addition, in Year Two, you will undertake your first practice placement block. This will consist of two weeks on campus and two weeks within NHS Scotland. Year Three develops your knowledge and communication skills further and begins to have a more clinically orientated and applied focus. This helps to prepare you for your second practice placement block (12 weeks duration) within the NHS in Scotland. Year Four provides you with an opportunity to reflect on and consolidate what you have learnt on your placement at the end of Year Three. It also allows you to undertake an individual research- based honours project in order to develop your knowledge and skills in this area. You will also undertake your third and final placement block (12 weeks duration) within the NHS in Scotland. We have implemented an interprofessional education (IPE) focus within all of our undergraduate healthcare courses to help produce graduates who are confident in their own professional identity but with additional skills which will allow them to work as effective team members. The IPE component will develop your mutual understanding of roles, expertise and values of other team members; 62B7G&FVvW2v&pFV3&&V6frFVЦFV66r63&RfW&ƗG@&ƗGFV&g&FW'26wFW'&fW76VGV6FG&GV7FFWG&FWfW7FvFfR62֖7&&wV"GvGVW06V6FBf6ƗFF`6vRfB66V6RVwFVw&FrGVR"FW'&fW76VGV6F"WG&F&6w77FV2&wW2R6Ɩ66VVB&6V"F&VRGVW0ƖVBWG&F6Ɩ666V6W2WFV֖wBVF&fW767GVFW2V&Ɩ2VF&7F6RFW&WWF2FWFWF72W2R6Ɩ66VVB&67G'V7GW&PF22fW"זV"gVFRW'0FVw&VRRv6WFR&vR`GVW2V6V"2WFƖVBB&W6V&6&V7BV"fW"FV6rV&rB76W76V@V6R6VRFR6W'6RVG'W vV'6FR6VRU$6FRvRf gVFWF2bFRV&rFV6r@76W76VB7FfFW2f"F26W'6R66V6WBFR( rvRFV6@r^( V&( 6V7FvW2ॖV"RGVW0&6V֗7G'vVWF72VF@66WG6V&wbVsV"fW"GVW0W'2&V7B&W6V&6&W6V&66V6F&W6V&6&6W72W0R6Ɩ66VVB&6FRGVW2Ɨ7FVBW&R&R6'&V7B@FRb&BfV"#'WBFffW 6ƖvFǒFF6RffW&VB#V6P6V6FRvV'6FRf"WFFW2