QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 62

Biological Sciences In order to improve the nation’s health, it is essential that the working of the human body, in both health and disease is fully understood. As a result, key areas of study include the function and nutritional status of the body, as well as an appreciation of the key areas of drug therapy. Why QMU? Queen Margaret University offers degrees in Applied Pharmacology, Human Biology, Nutrition*, and Nutrition and Food Science*. The first two years of these four courses have almost identical content, allowing all students to receive the same grounding in the biological sciences. In these early years, all students will gain a solid understanding and appreciation of the key areas of human physiology, human biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, pharmacology, immunology and nutrition. In parallel with these core subjects, our students also benefit from the opportunity to enhance their ability in the ar eas of laboratory practical skills and investigative skills (eg data analysis). The BSc (Hons) Applied Pharmacology degree allows students to study how drugs and medications affect the working of the human body, both in health and disease. 60 The BSc (Hons) Human Biology degree allows students to gain a fundamental understanding of how the human body works and responds to changes in health and disease. Although we hope that our students have made the correct choices on application, there can be times when a student feels that they would like a change of direction. This can come about as a student starts to gain an appreciation of a wider range of topics, possibly experienced for the first time. If this situation does arise, the opportunity exists to change from any one of the four courses mentioned above to one of the others. This change, or transfer, would be the student’s own decision. We hope that the unique structure we offer widens the range of opportunities available to all of our students. *See pages 52-57