QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 60

BSc/BSc (Hons) Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing Physical activity is an overlooked and fundamental component of human health and wellbeing. Supporting others to make healthy choices such as increasing their physical activity requires a broad range of knowledge and skills. The study of health and wellbeing for this course draws on many different topics including anatomy and physiology for exercise prescription, professional communication, working with others, health promotion and sustainable community development. You will study the theory and practice of promoting healthy behaviours such as physical activity, and participate in community engagement activities in different environments with a wide range of service users. In Year One, the emphasis is on the use of physical activity to improve people’s lives. You will study physiology and anatomy, and apply these to practical work in a gym setting. You will lead groups to develop your personal skills in working with others, which will create a foundation for developing as a coach and mentor in later years of the course. In Year Two, you will study health issues in the community and person-centred team working together with other health care professional students. Exploring issues together with input from community groups will expand your understanding of real-world problems related to health and inequalities. All the skills and knowledge for working as a personal trainer and in exercise referral will be covered, and you will be able to apply for external assessment of these REPS awards. Years Three and Four have a broader scope looking at service provision, developing an understanding of working with community groups and organisations such as charities and care homes. Studying entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainable community development you will learn how to identify community and organisational needs related to health and wellbeing, and design a sustainable solution. The process and solution you develop will draw on experience from the community engagement opportunities and will form a significant part of the work required for your final year dissertation. Structure You can opt to study for an honours degree over four years or an ordinary degree over three years. You will complete a range of modules each year as outline BF26W'6RV&W0w&GVFW2FVFW"&vR`6&VW'2vFFffW&V@6WGFw2BffW'26WfW&W@bFR677&V&pWW&V6W2@'GVFW2FV&g&Ч&fW762B6W'f6PW6W'2V&W"b6V7F'2BvV&Vr6V&wbV6wFW'&fW76VGV6FFV2BFVv&rWfW7FvFfR626V6Ff &fW76BW'6FWfVV@V"GvGVW0WW&66R&W67&Ff"VF@vV&VrFW'&fW76VGV6F#&fW76&W2BFW'&fW76FVv&7W7F&RVF&VfW 6vRFWFW&֖G2bVFVF77VW2FR6VGV"F&VRGVW0F76W'FFFW'&fW76VGV6F3FW'&fW76v&r@W'66VG&VB6&RV&Ɩ2VF&7F6RVFVGV6F@&FVFVG&W&VWW'6FVw&FrGVR2( 26FV&'&7F6R667FfGVF@vV&Vr76667V7G2`VF&VfW"6vRfVFVW&pB6VGVvvVVBV"F&VPFV6rV&rB76W76V@V6R6VRFR6W'6RVG'W vV'6FR6VRU$6FRvRf gVFWF2bFRV&rFV6r@76W76VB7FfFW2f"F26W'6R66V6WBFR( rvRFV6@r^( V&( 6V7FvW2V"fW"GVW0V"RGVW2FRGVW2Ɨ7FVBW&R&R6'&V7B@FRb&BfV"#'WBFffW 6ƖvFǒFF6RffW&VB#V6P6V6FRvV'6FRf"WFFW2G&GV7FF667FfGwФ7G'V7F"667FfGF&VvFPƖfW7&7F6G&GV7FFVFSW'2&V7B&W6V&6&6W72fVFVW&rB6VGVvvVVBV"fW"VFW'7FFpVFW'67W7F&R67VFFVw&FrGVRB( BV&ƗG667FfGVFBvV&Vp