QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 49

Living on campus Living off campus (in rented accommodation or with family) Rent At QMU, your rent for student halls includes your accommodation, heating, electricity, hot water and internet access. So you don’t have to worry about being surprised by extra utility bills. You will have to purchase a TV Licence if you wish to watch live TV in your room/ flat. If you’re renting a flat or a room in a flat/house, you’ll often have to budget for gas, electricity, internet access, TV licence, possibly insurance and landline, over and above your rent. Telephone landline and internet access You won’t have a landline but QMU does supply your internet/wifi access as part of your rent. You will still need to budget for your mobile phone. You may need to budget extra to pay for internet and landline access. But think about whether you really do need a landline. Books You may need to buy books for your course. As opposite Food QMU’s student halls are self-catered so you will need to budget enough money to pay for all of your meals. If you are living in a flat or house, you will need to pay for all of your food supplies. If you are living in your parents’/ family home, you may need to have a conversation with them about food/shopping costs. Mobile phone contract Mobile phone contracts can be expensive so look for the best provider and a cost-effective tariff. As opposite Travel pass If you stay in QMU’s accommodation you will save money by not having to pay for a bus, train or car to come to the University. The Student Village is right next to the main Academic Building. However, you may wish to buy a travel pass, for either the bus or train, to get in and out of the city centre. If you live a distance away fro E5Tԁ䁹Ѽ)ՑЁȁɅȁ́Ʌٕ́ѼЁѠ)Ѽ̸)!́ѥٽٕ́́ɕЁ݅Ѽ)܁ɥ́ȁՑ)ɥ ͥȁݡЁ́ɔٽٕ)䃊LԁЁѡ̰)եЁȁ䁙ȁɅٕ!́ݡ)ɔ剔ٕɕЁ́Ս)ո̸́ͥٔ́ͥє)E5Tɭ)ɵЁE5Tɍ́ɽЁɭ䁅)Ց́ɔɅ䁹ЁݕѼ)ѡȁɬɥѕɴѥeԁ͡ձ)ЁѡɭɵѥѡE5T)ݕͥєȁɵѥ̸ܸ)ŵԹլѥѥɔɭ)̼E5Tɍ́ɽЁɭ丁MՑ́ɔ)ɅѼхՉɅЁȁѼ݅危Ѽ)E5T!ݕٕȰԁٔȁԁ䁙ȁ)ɭɵи) չх%ԁٔՑЁѥԁݥ)ٔѼ䁍չхก%ԁٔԁݥᕵЁɽ她չх)ȁѡɅѥȁՑ̸)%ԁٔѥѥɕ䁉Ց̰)Ց́ݥᕵЁɽ她ѡչх)%ԁɕЁɽɽ䰁ѡ͕ݥɕٔ)ԔɕՍѥѡ啅ɱ䁍Ёѡչх)ѡɽ)%ԁɕЁ٥ݥѠȁ䰁ԁ䁹)ѼٕٔͅѥݥѠȁ䁵̰ȁѡ) չЁɅ́ȁ她ѡ) չQ(