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USEFUL LINKS: Budgeting and living costs Accommodation E: accommodation@qmu.ac.uk W: www.qmu.ac.uk/campus-life/ accommodation/ Student Funding Adviser E: studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk Parking policy E: parking@qmu.ac.uk W: www.qmu.ac.uk/location-and-getting- here/parking-on-campus/ Learning to budget successfully helps to make student life a whole lot smoother. If you are coming straight from school to university, like most other undergraduates, you will probably be managing your own finances for the first time. However, if you are a direct entrant or mature student, there are still costs that you should be aware of when making the move to higher education. Examples of non-course-related outgoings for single students moving away from the family home Financial information and guidance Here you will find some examples of costs which you may need to budget for as a student at QMU. Of course, your finances will depend on individual circumstances, but the tables below and opposite give you a rough idea of what you need to consider. provide one-to-one information, advice and Mature students/other You will probably already have a grasp of how much your rent/mortgage/ utility bills/ food etc cost per month. However, you may now need to factor in other costs as you make the move to become a student at QMU. QMU’s Student Funding Adviser can guidance on the funding available to you when you are studying with us, including: • Loans, bursaries and tuition fees • Benefits and studying • Childcare Fund • Discretionary Fund (formerly the Hardship Fund) • Nursing Discretionary Fund • International Hardship Fund • Part-time funding Mature students – living off campus Childcare QMU’s Student Funding Adviser can provide information, advice and guidance on funding available for child care. Council tax If you live alone you will be exempt from paying council tax for the duration of your studies. If you live with a partner/spouse there will be a 25% discount on council tax charge for the property for the duration of your studies. Books You may need to buy books for your course. You may be able to purchase second-hand books to save money. Travel pass/ QMU parking permit You may need to factor in the cost of a travel pass (for the bus or train) to get back and forth to the campus. QMU enforces a robust parking policy and the QMU car park is for permit holders only. Students are encouraged to take public transport or to walk/cycle to QMU. However, if you have a car you can apply for an annual parking permit during term time or you could opt to purchase a single day permit for each day you park on campus. It’s important to read the parking on campus information on the QMU website so that you understand the restrictions and costs involved. 46