QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 47

Our dance studio plays host to a range of fitness classes including Boxercise, Pilates, Pump FX, Zumba and Spin, many of which are included in your sports centre membership. You can opt to ‘pay as you play’ or you can purchase an annual membership. Sports facilities Whether you are interested in competing in sports at the highest level or simply wishing to keep fit, QMU has its own well-equipped sports centre on campus offering a range of activities. Our gym is fitted out with the latest fitness equipment including treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes and weights. The sports centre also includes a large multi-functional games hall which can be used for a variety of sports including: basketball, indoor football, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and netball. We also have an outdoor astro pitch used for 5/7-a-side football. Members can borrow equipment to use in these sports free of charge. A membership allows students access to the gym, sports hall, the majority of fitness classes, astro turf a YH\]Z\Y[\KY[Y[X\\X\܈ NB[\X\ۈ\X]KHX[H[[YH[H[[ۘ[]܈[K\]H]\[ݘ\[\[[\]Z\Y[ [[[H^\\H]ܜ܈YB[YX\[ YY\\X[X]]H\܂Y[[[Z[[[]X]\\›][XZHH[و\]܈[[܈ܚ]\X\\XX[H\[^[H[YKSԑHS΂˜[]KX˝Z[\\[YK[]K\ܝB[K”\[YHYB ۜH]][ۂ'H\Y[][^HX[YH]SUH[X[Y]Y\ٙ\YHܙX]ܝ[]HXYH[ܙB[Y[[HYH[YY]ZK[Z[Y[]YX[˂'[^H\YX\H[YHY]H8%H\H\X[Y]HX]Y[]^B[Y]XK]Z[\YX]BY[ۈ[\Z[XHX][ˈH\][\]\[[][\][Y]HYX\B]H[H[\[\\˜[\]Y\][X\\\\[H[Z\B܈H[[[B&\]HوHYX\&KH[X[Y[[\][ۘ[Y\HY[X\˜[\\HY\[[Y\˂'H]HݙYZ[\وBY]K[]H\X[\B[YYZ[\Y[\YX\HY]Hٙ\Hܝ[]BXZHX[HY[]B\Y[\\HXܛB[]\]K[H\\B[&]]HY] 'B