QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 35

“This is a fantastic opportunity to secure an alternative route to degree level study. We look forward to welcoming you as an associate student to QMU.” Callum Maguire Head of Outreach and Community Engagement Benefits • • • If you are unsure about making the leap from school to university, then studying at college can be a good way to prepare for the move, and one of the benefits may be the smaller classes at college. As you work through the HN, the college and QMU will prepare you for the more independent learning style and the academic standards required at university level. If you have been out of education for a while, or have been working in industry and now want to gain a relevant qualification, college may be a more suitable entry route for you. Colleges specialise in helping people returning to education after a break and learning styles are a lot more vocational and practical than in higher education. The first year of the associate student routes is designed to reflect these types of learning styles. You may have found that your Higher results after school are not good enough to get into university, or your school qualifications were not up to date if they were taken a while ago. The associate student routes offer entry to QMU degrees with slightly lower entry qualifications because the first year is spent at college. • • As you progress through your HN course we will arrange visits to the University campus, workshops on academic skills and guest lectures – this will ensure you are well prepared for the transition to QMU. You will be in a class where there are other associate students, so you will be able to make friends with the people who you will study with for four years, before joining a bigger cohort of students at QMU to complete the degree. Facilities and services During the first year you will be enrolled at both institutions and can take advantage of the facilities at each. College facilities could include catering, library services, student support services, health and fitness facilities, spa and hair and beauty salons, and sometimes accommodation. At QMU, you can use the Learning Resource Centre, student support services, the Sports Centre, the Students’ Union and its clubs and societies, and our excellent accommodation and catering services — details of which can be found in this prospectus. 33 Funding You can apply to the Students’ A \Y[H܈[ PTH܈[[™܈[\\K\ۙ\[HYY]B[YX[]Hܚ]\XKPT[^HB\HY\[[H[\H܈BY[[[][\][˜ˈ[\Z[PT[H[YY]HHۙ][ۘ[ٙ\BSUK[H\H\H܈H[YܙYHYHZ]\ HYBZ]\X\\K܈\\[ܛX][ۋYH˜X\˙݋Z˂SԑHS΂Έ˜[]KX˝ZYKZ\K˜X\]ZY\YYX][ۋ\X]KBY[ \[YK‘N\X]\Y[[]KX˝Z