QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 3

Contents Step into QMU Step ahead: Your future Our courses 2 Welcome to QMU 3 Graduation and beyond Our courses Why QMU? 10 reasons for joining us 4 A campus university with all the benefits of a capital city 6 48 50-153 Is QMU right for you?: All you need to know before applying Your next steps before applying 156 Application and selection 160 Writing a personal statement 164 Terms and conditions 166 Preparing you for employment: placements, careers and employability 12 Student fees and finance 168 Your personal development: extracurricular learning opportunities 16 International scholarships 172 QMU bursaries 173 Your learning experience: Giving you a step up How we teach and how you’ll learn 8 Broadening your horizons: study abroad 18 Helping you succeed: student support services 20 Making the most of your time at university 24 The international student experience 26 Other useful information How to get to our campus 176 Useful contacts and more information 178 Acknowledgements 180 Your individual needs Index 182 Joining us from college or as a mature student 30 Associate students: an alternative way to get a degree 32 Our research Your student lifestyle City of Edinburgh, coast and countryside 34 Edinburgh — a city of events, attractions and festivals 38 Your accommodation 40 Your Students’ Union 42 Clubs, societies and sports 44 Budgeting and living costs 46 If you join QMU in 2019, you’ll become part of a friendly, supportive university based at an innovative campus, focused on providing you with the skills you need for your future career. 1 183