QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 27

CV-enhancing experiences Learning experience Funding opportunities VARIED LEARNING METHODS GET INVOLVED WITH THE STUDENTS’ UNION Aside from lectures, we offer numerous learning opportunities including field trips, guest lectures, placements, real life projects and networking opportunities. FUNDING TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT The Freshers’ Fair will take place during your first few weeks at QMU and is an opportunity to find out what the Students’ Union (SU) can offer you. Get involved in the numerous schemes and initiatives launched by the SU – you’ll meet new people, learn new things and gain confidence and skills. GET SOME WORK EXPERIENCE Become part of the clubs and societies or start your own — it will improve your social life, help you relax and meet different people, as well as developing you personally. If your course does not include a placement, our Careers Service can help you find some related work experience. Pursuing internship opportunities will also help you gain invaluable work experience, enabling you to learn more about a profession and what part of the job you really enjoy. This can help direct your future development and career plans (see pages 16-17). BECOME A CLASS REP OVERSEAS EXCHANGES Become a class rep to ensure your views and the views of your class are heard. Taking responsibility and stepping into a representative role will help you develop new skills and confidence as well as looking good on your CV. Many of our courses offer exchange opportunities (see pages 18-19) where you can spend a semester at a university overseas. Exchanges will help you spread your wings, experience a different culture and learn in a new environment. Many of our students describe their exchange experience as ‘life changing’. In some instances, you may also be able to complete your course placement overseas. SEEK OUT GREAT OPPORTUNITIES QMU offers an impressive range of career-enhancing extracurricular opportunities (see pages 16-17) and our size means that a high proportion of students can easily take full advantage of these benefits. Working at the open days; applying for internships, scholarships and awards; taking part in the employer mentoring scheme; helping with new student induction programmes; or working as a team at our community health science festivals are all a great way to boost your confidence and improve your CV. REGISTRATION AND ACCREDITATION Our health professions courses make you eligible to register with the Health and Care Professions Council and practice in your professional area immediately on graduation. Many of our courses are also accredited/ approved by relevant regulatory bodies ensuring that they meet industry standards. 25 We offer a range of funds, which can help facilitate a unique educational experience. Previous students who have benefited from the funds have travelled overseas to attend conferences, shadowed professionals for a period of time in a relevant organisation, or obtained a placement/ internship which has given them a significant step up on the career ladder (see pages 16-17).