QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 26

Making the most of your time at university There are a multitude of different opportunities available to you at QMU Socialising and to help boost your networking confidence, gain experiences transferable skills, MAKE NEW FRIENDS EASILY enhance your student The community learning environment at experience and boost QMU helps ensure that you can quickly meet new classmates, and through your career. Take full combined seminar groups, you will also advantage of them. study alongside students from other courses, ensuring that you will soon recognise many faces around campus. Learning from different people and hearing different viewpoints is great for your personal development. NETWORKING Wellbeing and support SUPPORT FOR YOU Our Student Services Team (see pages 20-23) offer support and guidance on issues such as disability, mentoring, funding, life as a mature student, counselling and health and wellbeing. SUPPORT FOR YOUR CAREER Our Careers and Employability Service (see pages 20-23) are here to provide information, advice and guidance on all matters related to your career. They can also help you find part-time or seasonal work. FITNESS AND WELLBEING We provide many opportunities for students to meet with industry professionals. Whether it be through placements or guest lecturers, you will have the opportunity to meet with current professionals working in your field of study. QMU also runs an Employer Mentor Scheme where graduates, who are willing to share their career experiences, come into QMU to support students. Our students tell us that they value the opportunity to discuss how they can apply their studies to the workplace as well as hearing invaluable advice about the recruitment and selection process and Continuing Professional Development. 24 A fit and healthy body makes for a fit and healthy mind. Take advantage of QMU’s low-cost sports membership and facilities on campus.