QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 25

and your academic subject area. Staff in the School Office will be able to assist with timetabling or general subject area queries, receive and return assignments and make contact with lecturers or tutors on your behalf. Personal Development Planning Our Personal Development Planning (PDP) process aims to help all our students develop the key skills they require for learning and employment, and to prepare for their future careers. PDP is used to support student learning in different ways according to the course of study. It is a guided process which encourages students to regularly carry out key learning processes. It can involve reflection on what you are learning, planning and recording your personal objectives, and communicating these to others. Useful contacts/ more information Transition and Pre-Entry Guidance Adviser E: oce@qmu.ac.uk College Articulation Officer E: oce@qmu.ac.uk Student Services W: www.qmu.ac.uk/study-here/ student-services/ Careers and Employability W: www.qmu.ac.uk/campus-life/ careers-and-employability/ Counselling W: www.qmu.ac.uk/study-here/ student-services/counselling-service/ Disability Service W: www.qmu.ac.uk/study-here/ student-services/disability-service E: disabilityadvisers@qmu.ac.uk 23 Student Funding W: www.qmu.ac.uk/study-here/ student-services/funding-advice-service/ E: studentfunding@qmu.ac.uk E ѥٔ1ɹM٥)\ܹŵԹլՑ䵡ɔ)Ցе͕٥̽ѥٔɹ)͕٥̼)1ɹIͽɍ ɔ)\ܹŵԹլՑ䵡ɔ)ɹѥ̽Ʌ)])\ܹŵԹլՑ䵡ɔ)Ցе͕٥̽ݕ͕٥)ݕŵԹլ