QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 23

If you are considering joining the University, having studied an HNC or HND programme at college, our College Articulation Officer will be able to provide guidance and information on opportunities to enter the University directly into Years Two or Three of our degree courses (often referred to as articulation, direct entry or advanced standing). Direct entry students will also benefit from the Direct Entrant Induction programme which includes a range of activities in local colleges and a designated induction event for direct entrants at the start of the academic year. Support for care leavers We recognise that care leavers who have spent time in local authority care, either in residential accommodation, foster care or under supervision orders at home, may require additional advice and support during both the pre-entry period and during the transitional period. We offer all care leavers individual support from our Transition and Pre-Entry Guidance Adviser. We can work with care leavers and their social workers to ensure that applicants are supported appropriately through their time at QMU. “The support I received from QMU’s Disability Service team has had one of the most positive influences on my experience at QMU. The help I’ve had has given me a huge confidence boost and has allowed me to reach my academic potential, as well as opening doors to new career opportunities.” Annie Fowden BA (Hons) Events Management and Mast \وXXYZ[\][ۂY[ܚ[”SPۛX \Y[ܚ[[YKٙ\]Y[Hܝ[]H˜HX]Y]HZ[YY[܋\œ\XH\[[]Y[˂Y[ܜ\H\[Y[[YX\•YH܈\]B[Y\Y[]HY[Z[Yœ\ܝ\Y[ˈHZ[HXܝZ]Y[ܜ\HYZ[H[YH܈B[Z[\XX[K]H[X\[YH\ˈY[ܜ[Y[Y\›YY]Y[\H\\H\Y]Hق\Y\X[[XY[ZXX[[XZH]\YX\وYH]SUHH[ܙH[XXH^\Y[K