QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 178

How to get to our campus Our campus is designed to be environmentally sustainable. To minimise car use, much has been done to make it easy for staff and students to use public transport links. From central Edinburgh by train The campus is fewer than six minutes by train from central Edinburgh. QMU is located beside Musselburgh station, while Newcraighall Park and Ride Station is located to the north west of the site, approximately ten minutes away on foot. Musselburgh station is served by trains from Edinburgh and East Lothian, while Newcraighall is served by trains from Edinburgh and the new Borders Railway line. Trains run from Waverley Station to Musselburgh and from both Haymarket and Waverley to Newcraighall. Detailed information can be found on the Scotrail website at www.scotrail.co.uk. From central Edinburgh by bus QMU is served by the frequent number 30 Lothian Bus service, which also operates a night bus service. Other services are also in operation at peak times and local providers are regularly adding new options. Cycling from central Edinburgh From central Edinburgh National Cycle Route 1 runs from Edinburgh Waverley Station to the rear of the campus. There are also many quiet roads in the Musselburgh area which allow for safe cycling. These can be seen on the cycle map on our website. From Princes Street, going east, follow signs for A1 to Berwick, along Waterloo Place (continuation of Princes Street), and along Regent Road onto Montrose Terrace. These are just continuations of the same road. At the bottom of Montrose Terrace, it will become London Road, and is still signed for the A1. Continue along London Road until the junction adjacent to New Restalrig Church (just past Meadowbank Stadium), where you will turn right onto Willowbrae Road. Continue to follow signs for A1 through Duddingston crossroads and along to the Milton Link intersection, where you turn right onto A1. Go through the roundabout and past the slip road for Newcraighall, and follow sign ܈]YY[X\\][]\]HH^\Y HB[و\Y\HY[H\\[[H\ۈHY[YK[[H[[]\[\\[HHYY] []\H]\\۝[YH[ۙ\Y ]XY\X[][YH[]X[Y H[[H[[ۈق]X[Y[\ݚY]\XK\Y[\ݚY]\XKY\[[[[[HYHۙ^X[•\XK\Y]ۙ^X[•\XK۝[YHۈ[[HYXY\]Z[\HY [™ۈ]Z[\HY \[B]\[\Z[][ۈ ۈ[\Y K[۝HY\X[[[H”SUK[[Hܝ[Z\ ә]ܘZY[][ۂHܝ[Z\[[ۙ“]ܘZY[Y[۝[YHۂ[\X]H]\[\\\[\H]ܘZY[\[YH ۂ[\Y K\\H\[YK[[\X]HYH[ZHB\Yۈ[\Y\\H][ۘ[XH]ܚ] ۝[YHۈ\œ]\H]ܘZY[Y؞HXX\ۈ[\Y8$[[[HXXBSUH[\\˂M͂HYBZHHNL]\Y[\YۜY]YY[ٙ\Hܛ[YJK۝[YHܝ\ۈHNL[ܛH]YY[ٙ\Hܛ[YK۝[YH\]]YY[ٙ\K۝[YHۈHNL[‘Y[\ ]H\ۈ[[ۋ\Y۝X^X\HY8$NL YۜY]H\\KX\Y۝“X^X\HY[\[Y[\ ]H[X] ZHH ^]۝“X^X\HY8$NL ]X^X\B[[ۈ\Y۝\Y$N YۜY]H\\K]\[[ۈ[Y YۜY]B\\K[]\[X]ZBH ^]۝H]HوY[\\\8$M̌ YۜY\X