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Combining academic enquiry with opportunity for practical production, this course prepares you for a variety of careers, and includes a study abroad opportunity*. BA/BA (Hons) Film and Media Film and media are central to individual identities, local and national cultures and to globalised political and economic spheres. The film and media degree examines these topics from the perspective of the academic disciplines of film studies and media studies. This course focuses on the critical study of the film and media industries and their products and enables you to enter a variety of careers. The course offers you the opportunity to study in-depth film as an artistic and commercial enterprise, as well as various media institutions and the debates surrounding them. It develops your critical understanding of the growth of the media industries, historically and globally, and the centrality of film to popular cultures. You will acquire and develop skills in video and media production, teamwork, academic research, project management and a variety of forms of communication. Many of these skills will be transferable to your career after graduation. In the first two years you will study a range of modules which will introduce you to key developments in film and media, and key concepts in film and media studies – eg developments like the emergence of cinema and the establishment of national broadcasting systems, and concepts like narrative, popular culture and citizenship. In Years Three and Four you choose specialist film and media options in, for example, television drama, screenwriting, and photography. In Year Four you complete a written or production dissertation. Production dissertations can be in video, photography or screenwriting. Structure Year Four modules You can opt to study for an honours degree over four years or an ordinary degree over three years. You will complete a range of modules each year as outlined. Modernity on Screen/ Dissertation/ plus three options from: Video Production/ Screenwriting/ Media Events/ New Enterprise Creation/ Playwriting 2/ Creative Entrepreneurship/ Photography & Visual Culture/ Film and the Family/ Popular Music/ Photography Practice/ Storytelling in Convergent Media/ Television Drama/ Experiential Learning Teaching, learning and assessment Please see the course entry on our website (see URL on opposite page) for full details of the learning, teaching and assessment activities for this course. Also check out the ‘How we teach and how you’ll learn’ section on pages 8-11. The modules listed here are correct at time of print (Feb 2018) but may differ slightly to those offered in 2019 following the next revalidation. Please check the website for any updates. *Subject to availability Year One modules Introduction to Film Studies/ Introduction to Media Studies/ Media Industries/ Narrative and Representation/ Media Production 1/ Media Consumption Year Two modules Film and Creativity/ Media and Popular Culture/ Film Genre/ Media and Democracy/ Media Production 2/ Working in the Media Year Three modules Contemporary Hollywood, Media, Culture and Society and Research Independent Research Project/ plus three options (indicative options are listed under Year Four) 148