QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 148

Theatre, Film and Media The UK is one of the world’s creative hubs and has the largest creative Why QMU? sector in Europe. The theatre, film and media industries make a key contribution to the UK economy, and enrich the lives of us all. The creative industries are a key focus for the Scottish Government that recognises their considerable potential for further growth. Higher education plays an important role in producing the creative talent, skills and ideas that are sought by both this sector and a wide range of employers beyond it. 146 Our theatre, film and media courses prepare you for entry to the creative industries and the many related opportunities outside of that sector. All of our courses will provide you with the specialist knowledge, working practices, and high-level communication skills that employers look for in graduates. While each course has its own specific emphasis, they all provide you with a comprehensive understanding of critical approaches to the film, media and theatre industries and their outputs, with a particular emphasis on aesthetic and cultural analysis. They focus on theatre, film and media as central forces in the construction of public culture, in the creation of new expressive forms, as the basis for a range of professional practices, and in shaping everyday social and psychological life.