QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 145

“I was looking for a course that didn’t just focus on media, but also incorporated RECOGNISED COURSE studying this in conjunction with media would help me reach my target. I am really enjoying the Persuasive Communication module and the ethical issues attached to it, as it was something that I hadn’t thought of before. I am really looking forward to the group project which involves creating a PR campaign for a live client.” Jack Love Cuthill BA (Hons) Public Relations and Media Entry requirements Scottish Higher BBBB For details of related HNC and HND courses, see www.qmu.ac.uk/college- qualifications. Irish Leaving Certificate H2 H2 H3 H3 Associate student places You can study this course as an associate student completing your first year at West Lothian College. For more information and entry requirements, see pages 32-33. International Baccalaureate 28 points Other information A Level BCC International IELTS of 6.0 with no [[Y[\[KK\]Z\YXX‘[\ YYXHYY\Y\Y]Y\H][܈\]Z][[ X][[\][ KH][\BY\Y X]\KX\”[]YX\\H8%YH\X]H܈]Z[]˜[]KX˝Z˜YK\]X[YX][ۜ•H[YH\X][ۜHX]\BY[][][]X[YX][ۜ[ ›܈^\Y[K\X[BYX\¸(H[H[]YXX]Ј[HܘYY[](H\Y\]Y[YY\[[][XX\]Y\(HH][[[][XX–YX\YB(H[H[]YXX]Ј[HܘYY[]•PTB ‘\][ۂYX\[ ][YB\]B\[X\ NB[]\Bۈ[\\]\[BSUKX\HYHH8&^\[]Y]&BX[ۈۈY\ LLK^[Hܝ[]Y\ʂ[YX\YK[H]HHܝ[]BYH܈ۙH[Y\\]H[]\]Bݙ\X\ˈYHY\ N NH܈[ܙB[ܛX][ۋX[Y[–[H[\]HH\]YZX[Y[[YX\\Y[\H\ۜXH܂\[HX[Y[ܙ[\][ۂ[\[H[HR܈XY š[]H\HHYY[\Y]][ۈ[\\X]ٙ\[X[Y[]Y[˂HX[Y[\[ZY[YX[Bݙ\][[X\[KM •XX[Y\^\[[Y]X\”X\HYH8&HXX[ž[x&[X\&HX[ۈۈY\ LLK\HY\”X\HYHY\ M LMBٙ\[ۘ[Y\][ۋXܙY]][ۂ[H[Y\\\HY[Y[X\قH\\Y[]]HوXX”[][ۜ[HY[Y[X\وBXX[][ۜۜ[[\X][ۋJK\Y\‘ܘYX]\]H[[\[[BYH[Hوܜܘ]KXX[[\Hܙ[\][ۜ[\Hܚ[˜\Έ^X]]\\܈[ܛX][ۂٙX\[][X][ۈX[Y\™Y][]Y\XX]H[[[ۜ^X]]\][›X[Y\X[Y[Y[Z[Y\˜[][X][ۈۜ[[[X\][\\[˂HSUO”SUH\HۛH\[]][ۂٙ\TXۚ\Y[\ܘYX]H[ܘYX]B\\[XXHTٙ\[ۘ[XX[][ۜ‘\XKTXX[\\XB[\[[][X][ۜH[TXX[\\XH XXYZ\KSUH\ۙHو L[]\]Y\[BRܚ[[\\\]BKXX[][ۜˈx&[HY[][H[\H[X[\Y]